The extinction of advanced civilization without reason? Fermi paradox or reveals the truth of civilization, suggesting a terrible signal

According to the conjecture of Fermi’s paradox, human beings are definitely not the only life in this universe. It has been 5 billion years since the birth of the sun, and the Milky way has existed for 10 billion years. In the long river, there may be civilizations much more advanced than human beings, but why can’t we find them? This is the reason why Fermi’s paradox is terrible, and these civilizations are likely to go to the end because of what they have violated, and human civilization may also go to the end.

Man is not the only civilization in the universe

Fermi’s paradox holds that aliens are real in theory. The reason is why they haven’t appeared so far, and why human beings can’t find aliens? In fact, most people believe that extraterrestrial life exists. This optimism is a very natural reasoning.

Let’s take the Milky way as an example. With the progress of science and technology, we have been able to observe some distant planets. At present, we have found more than 100 billion planets in the Milky way and more than 1000 planets outside the solar system. In addition, scientists recently discovered the “second earth”, which is claimed to be 75% similar to the earth, which shows that planets similar to the earth are very common in the universe. So there’s no reason to think that life is born only on earth.

On Fermi’s paradox

The reason why we can speculate that there are more creatures in the galaxy than human civilization is that the galaxy has existed for more than 10 billion years, while our sun has existed for nearly 5 billion years. According to common sense, if a civilization mastered the technology of Star Trek, it would expand or explore.

Because the resources on each planet must be limited, and the more developed civilization is, the higher the demand for resources will be. And considering that there may be more than one advanced civilization in the galaxy, the diffusion speed of civilization in the galaxy should be very fast.

If that’s true, how busy the galaxy will be. However, through the long-term observation and exploration of human beings, we are disappointed that there is no sign of the existence of any alien civilization. Now the planets hundreds of light-years away can be observed by human beings, and the radio signals specially for alien civilization have been monitored for many years, but no progress has been made. The whole universe is dead silent. The galaxy, which is supposed to be bustling, presents a completely different silence. Where are the aliens?

Therefore, Fermi’s paradox puts forward a “big filter hypothesis” and finds that there is a terrible implication in it. The big filter theory holds that there are some unknown factors in the universe that have been restricting the emergence of Star Trek. Although there are many planets suitable for the birth of life in the universe, few can really develop into civilization, and few can master the technology of Star Trek.

That is to say, there is an invisible big sieve in the process of life or civilization evolution. Only a few or no life can break through this barrier and develop to interstellar civilization. This is the big filter hypothesis.

Are humans really afraid of the existence of aliens or the emergence of alien civilization? In fact, the most terrible thing is a terrible law implied by Fermi’s paradox. It is possible that the alien civilization will be extinct without knowing when it has not fully evolved into a higher civilization. With the continuous development of human beings, will human civilization no longer exist when it crosses another higher threshold like alien civilization?

But all this is just speculation. What do you think of the implication of Fermi’s paradox? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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