The farm made a hole in the cow’s body to see how it digested in its stomach, experts said, for the sake of health

There is such a magical phenomenon in American farms. There is a magical hole on almost all cattle in the farm. There is a cover on the hole, which is usually covered. When the staff need to observe the internal conditions of the cattle, they will open the cover, so that they can clearly see the digestion in the cattle stomach. Would you be surprised to see this hole? But the tourists who came to visit saw the holes in the cattle, but they all said they were surprised!

At first, Xiaobian was shocked when he learned about this kind of situation. Isn’t it like opening the front hood of a car to see how it works inside? But this is a living cow. Later Xiaobian learned that these cows would not feel uncomfortable, but would feel very comfortable.

It turned out that the reason why the researchers made this hole in cattle was that most of the “holed” cattle had digestive problems, so they carried out this kind of “rumen fenestration operation” on cattle. When cattle eat, researchers can open the lid to observe the internal digestion of the cattle. For the cattle with poor digestion, the staff will take out the healthy gastric juice from other healthy cattle and distribute it to the cattle with problems, so as to help its digestion and facilitate the staff to carry out other treatments.

Some researchers said that although the operation looks scary, it will not have any impact on the cattle, and it will greatly help improve the quality of milk and the taste of beef.

But even so, Xiaobian still finds it hard to accept. If one day there is a disease in the human stomach, can we make such a hole in the human body to observe the digestion of the human stomach? If that day happens, do you dare to open the lid on your body?

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