The fastest speed in the universe may not be the speed of light. These four speeds are faster than the speed of light!

The fastest speed in the universe may not be the speed of light. These four speeds are faster than the speed of light!

We think the fastest speed in the universe is the speed of light, about 299792458 meters per second. Over the years, scientists have been looking for materials that can exceed the speed of light, but so far none of them has come to an end. We think that if we have the ability to exceed the speed of light, it means that human science will continue to move forward, because when a particle begins to accelerate, its speed will continue to increase, and its kinetic energy will also increase, close to the speed of light When you reach the speed of light, the kinetic energy becomes infinite.

In this process, we can obtain huge energy. When we reach the speed of light, the speed has been significantly improved. Then when we fly the spacecraft to another planet, the time will be significantly shortened. Exploration will become easier and easier. However, recently scientists have proposed that there are still four speeds in the universe, which have exceeded the speed of light. What’s the matter? Are you still foolishly thinking that the fastest speed is the speed of light?

The first is the speed at which the universe was born

How was the universe born? There are different views in the scientific community. At the beginning, we thought that the universe explosion was the beginning of another singularity, and the formation of the universe was a process from scratch. But later, scientists put forward a new theory called inflation theory. It means that time already existed when the universe was formed. It can also be said that before the universe was formed, there was already a universe. There were no particles in this space, but all were vacuum energy. When these energies began to decay into different substances, some matter particles and antiparticles were produced. Later, there was the big bang, the big bang The explosion is not like the explosion on earth, it is accompanied by a roar, but a process of rapid expansion. So how fast is that? It is said that it has reached one light year in one second, which is far faster than the speed of light.

The second is the rate of expansion of the universe after its formation

Although the universe has been formed for 13.8 billion years, in this period of time, the universe is still expanding at the speed of super light, and the space between galaxies is also expanding.

The third is quantum velocity

Einstein has been troubled for a long time after he put forward the quantum theory. He once thought that the limitation of the world is very large, and it is impossible to exceed the speed of light. However, in the quantum world, two particles entangled in some states are likely to exceed the speed of light.

The fourth is that many rings also have superluminal phenomena

The establishment of nuclear reactors has indeed promoted the development of science on the one hand. In this process, the speed of electrons released is close to the speed of light, and may exceed the speed of light. In the process of release, the speed of electrons is faster than that of photons. The above four speeds have surpassed the speed of light. If one day we can use these to make faster speed than light, we can go to more places in the universe, and human civilization will have more obvious development. What’s your opinion?

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