The Fatima incident in history, witnessed by 70000 people, is the huge luminous body in the air UFO?

For us, the existence of aliens has become the default fact. Many people claim to have witnessed UFOs, but the photos and videos they left are too vague. Until now, scientists have no way to jump to conclusions. Speaking of UFO sightings in history, one of the most mysterious events is the Fatima incident in the 19th century.

70000 people saw it

The protagonist of Fatima incident is three children. The reason why Fatima incident became the most bizarre eyewitness in history is that 70000 people witnessed the vision in the sky at that time. At that time, a huge luminous body suddenly appeared in the sky. The luminous body circled in the air, then fell, and finally returned to the sky. Although tens of thousands of people have witnessed this situation, they have not seen what children call “Maria”. They claimed that Maria would show up on this day, but no one saw the lady. What’s the matter?

At that time, many people in Europe were Catholics. What these three children saw was actually the Virgin Mary. This incident has also become the research direction of later scientists. Some people think that many of the 70000 people who witnessed it must be Catholics, so the unidentified luminous object they saw was just an illusion. At that time, they had faith in their hearts, so it would cause this illusion. But if it was really an illusion, would all 70000 people have an illusion? This is also obviously not logical.

The unidentified object is


As human beings slowly walk out of the universe, some people have put forward new ideas. Scientists think that perhaps the huge luminous object they see is the legendary UFO. It is worth noting that there was a heavy rain at the time of the witness event, but when the unknown object disappeared, the ground became clean immediately, and even tens of thousands of people’s clothes became dry instantly. This is obviously not a natural occurrence. Maybe only aliens can master such mysterious power, so they guess that this huge luminous object is actually a UFO.

Today, the incident witnessed by 70000 people has disappeared in the long history. Although some people think it is caused by hallucinations, and many people swear that it is UFO witnessed incident, if we study it carefully, there are many phenomena that can not be explained scientifically. Perhaps in the future, with the breakthrough of science and technology, human beings will be able to answer this event again.

UFOs over the United States

I don’t know if you have ever noticed such a phenomenon. Although there have been UFO sightings in history, since 2020, such news has become more and more. In September this year, UFOs appeared again over the United States. This time, the UFO appeared in New Jersey. A metal flying saucer suddenly appeared in the blue sky, and there was a blue light in the middle. So many people witnessed this phenomenon, and took a video and published it on the Internet.

The netizen who shot the video claimed that he was playing in the street when he heard a beep. When he looked up to find the source of the sound, he saw an unknown object. After the video was released on the Internet, it caused heated discussion among netizens. Some people thought it might be an airship, while others thought it was an alien spaceship. The video shot by netizens this time is still relatively clear, but the scientists have not been able to give the final conclusion. In fact, the United States has acknowledged the existence of UFOs before. They have also released three videos of UFOs. In fact, when we observe them carefully, we will find that many UFOs are natural phenomena. Just like the Fatima incident, perhaps at that time, the huge object they saw was the sun. With the change of the angle of the sun, people at that time mistook the light of gods. I don’t know what you think?

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