The first dinosaur with cancer, scientists in its leg bone, found differences!

The first dinosaur with cancer, scientists in its leg bone, found differences!

Dinosaurs, in our impression, are a very powerful creature on the earth. They are huge, like a small moving hill, they used to be the masters of the earth like human beings. The reason why scientists have studied dinosaur fossils for many years is to restore the scene of their life on the earth and find out the reason for their extinction. Is it because of the accident or the appearance of natural enemies?

New discoveries on dinosaur fossils

A paleontologist in Canada has made a new discovery on a dinosaur fossil from the Cretaceous period. It belongs to a pointed horned dinosaur, but its leg bones show differences. It is completely different from ordinary pointed horned dinosaurs, and even has some deformities. Why does it lead to this situation? This fossil was discovered by paleontologists in Canada in 1989.

In the wild environment, animals and humans are different. They are more ferocious. They usually fight for a mouthful of food. Therefore, the deformity of this dinosaur’s leg is probably caused by the fracture healing in the process of competing for food and fighting with the same kind. These deformities are the sequelae left behind. In the latest research, they After reexamining the leg bone of the pointed Horned Dragon, we found something new. Under the monitoring of the new equipment, paleontologists believe that they have found the real reason for the deformity of the leg of this sharp horned dinosaur, which is not caused by a fight or a fracture, but because the dinosaur once suffered from cancer, and the cause of its death is probably related to it.

Dinosaurs with cancer

Cancer is still an incurable disease in modern society. In our impression, it’s just a disease that modern people will suffer from. I didn’t expect that it would exist in dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period. It turns out that cancer has appeared in ancient times, and many animals have been troubled by it. As a result, life has come to an end. This is the first dinosaur found with cancer, which has very high research value and will be approved in the future The analysis of its skeleton will also provide new proof and direction for the study of paleontological pathological characteristics.

At the same time, after a detailed analysis, they think that the reason for the dinosaur suffering from cancer is that it has a malignant tumor in its leg, which is the same as the tumor in the human body. It will lead to joint pain and body mass. Although the dinosaur is relatively young, it also died in social life because of incurable disease.

In the follow-up study, however, scientists found that the real cause of death of this sharp Horned Dragon was not cancer, but a disaster, which could be a flood or a volcanic eruption, because the family of this sharp Horned Dragon was also found in the place where it was buried. It turns out that these diseases, which we think are modern diseases, have already appeared on the earth in ancient times. What do you think of this dinosaur suffering from cancer?

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