The first frozen rich man in history plans to thaw and revive in 2017. What’s the matter now?

With the development of human science and technology and other fields, people’s quality of life has been greatly improved, so the lives of many rich people have undergone another change. In their view, they have everything, but their short life has become a big problem.

As mentioned in the sketch, the biggest regret in life is that people die and their money is not spent. Compared with all kinds of “unfairness” before and after death, everything has returned to the origin.

What really matters is whether life brings about death. Life and death are natural, but some people don’t think so. Money can make the devil push the mill. Can money buy the continuation of life?

There was once a rich man in America who had a bold idea. Bedford is the first rich man in history. He had planned to thaw and resurrect in 2017. What’s going on now?

At first, the old man suffered from stomach cancer. He knew that his life was not long, so he pinned all his hopes on the next few decades. In 1967, he boldly “dedicated” his body to the medical cause, frozen his body, and planned to be reborn in 2017.

But it’s 2020, and the plan is still in progress. What we already know is that the rich have declared brain death! Regal initially hoped that there would be a cure for gastric cancer in the future, no matter how likely the cure is, freezing and thawing the human body. The operation itself is beyond the scope of current technology.

Not everything is like the movie. The American captain is still alive, struggling in the deep sea. Everything is a model. The success of the experiment also needs a lot of experimental materials.

There is no doubt that the idea of the rich may be a little simple, but his contribution to medicine is undeniable. We have to admit the greed of human nature. From the perspective of a large number of ancient Chinese alchemists, when people gained power and material, they did not expect to create wealth in the spiritual world.

More or less, they can’t let go of these external things. This extreme emotion is reflected in the crazy cause of prolonging life.

It doesn’t make some people give up their life after thousands of years. Just imagine, if the method of immortality really exists, will the world order be disrupted? Immortality may not be universal. Only the rich can hold hands. What is the world like?

Don’t even think about it. Wildfire will never devour them. They grow high again in the spring breeze! This immortality violates the laws of nature. Once anything exceeds the limit, it will explode like a bomb.

As time goes on, human life expectancy is getting longer and longer. Does this mean that the crisis in a region has increased correspondingly? It’s not clear if this is a guess.

Now let’s talk about it again. Is there such a way to live forever? Scientists from all over the world are studying the subject. They have done experiments on mice and proved that certain amino acids can prolong the short life span of mice by 12%, which is equivalent to nearly 10 years of human life.

Do you know what will happen to the world in this decade? The aging population is serious, the population will increase, the unemployment rate will rise seriously, and the economy will decline. It’s like a butterfly flapping its wings. The famous butterfly effect is perfect for this purpose.

So we say we have to have a degree in everything we do, in other words, life is in it. If you don’t live long, change your lifestyle. There are many ways in the world to remember you, not just to be an “immortal”.

Why do people die because of the aging and disappearance of body cells? It’s pure science. Philosophically, people die because they’re born. It’s the law of nature. It can’t be violated.

In the limited time, to do meaningful things is to live, to live is to do many meaningful things, that is to live meaningfully.

This is what Xu Sanduo said during the soldiers’ raid, and I want to send it to all of you. Eat, sleep, play, have a good attitude is the attitude of life, do not give yourself too much burden, you are not the only one who will die!

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