The first Mars image of “tianwen-1” came out, Mars is not red!


It is the fourth planet close to the sun and the second smallest planet in the solar system after mercury. It is one of the four earth like planets in the solar system. According to the discovery of NASA’s curiosity rover, Mars was a planet with pleasant climate, rich liquid water and oxygen, and suitable for life billions of years ago.

But because Mars’s magnetic field has disappeared, the solar wind has invaded, blowing its atmosphere away, and oxygen has been exhausted by the iron on the earth’s surface, it has become a cold and lonely barren place. Based on our knowledge of Mars, most scientists believe that Mars can be transformed into earth.

Mars is called Mars in the west, the God of war in Roman mythology, so in English, Mars is the Roman god of war, which is usually called “red planet”. When we see Mars in the night sky, it is definitely a red planet. So, is Mars really red?

On February 5, 2021, the National Space Administration released the first image of Mars recently acquired by the probe “tianwen-1”, which was taken 2.2 million kilometers away from Mars. Since this image of Mars is black and white, it has aroused discussion among netizens after it was released. After all, Mars should be red in our understanding.

It turns out that there is a reason for the black-and-white image of Mars. According to relevant experts of the National Space Administration, “tianwen-1” first found Mars in the vast universe, measured the relative angle by using optical navigation sensors, then controlled “tianwen-1” to make it point to Mars accurately, and then photographed Mars with a high-resolution camera, so this puzzling black-and-white image was obtained Photo.

In fact, through a telescope, Mars looks like a huge orange ball, because of the large amount of hematite (iron oxide) on its surface.

The dry surface of Mars is covered with red soil and rocks. Because of the wind and sand, the surface of Mars is full of sand dunes and river bed like terrain. This terrain is distributed in the southern hemisphere and near the equator. The surface of Mars about three billion years ago, like the earth today, once had rivers and water flows, which may not be red at that time.

The surface of Mars is red, and the scattering of dust in the atmosphere makes the sky orange red. We know that there are a lot of hematite in the Martian soil. Due to long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, iron forms a layer of red and yellow oxides, and the whole Mars becomes a rusty world. The surface of Mars is characterized by red soil, rough rocks and huge mountains, The Grand Canyon, volcanoes and other intertwined into a red earth.

The rocks on the surface of the crater contain a lot of iron. When these rocks are weathered into dust, iron will be oxidized into iron oxide, which is a kind of red material. Because the crater is very dry and there is no liquid water, the dust on the Firestar will be blown away by the wind under the action of the wind, which is just like the dust storm on the earth All over Mars. This repeated outbreak of iron oxide dust storm is dazzling under the sun, which is very dazzling on Mars. Our naked eyes look like fire.

There are many mysteries on Mars that we have not yet discovered. Xiaobian believes that in the near future, we will be able to explore them through our efforts. And NASA has also announced that around 2033, they will be able to achieve manned landing on Mars, by then, human migration to Mars is no longer a dream, but a reality.

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