The first mysterious eggplant from outside the solar system! It can break away from the sun’s gravity, and its identity is suspicious

In the last century, mankind finally had the technology to explore the universe. In the late 1970s, mankind had the ability to develop and launch space probes.

So researchers sent one device after another carrying human coordinate information, even civilization information, into space. I hope they can meet the legendary alien creatures and bring back information about them.

Over the years, the number of probes floating in space is increasing, and people’s expectations are also increasing, but the mysterious aliens have not appeared yet. So far, scientists are still unsure of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

We can’t say with certainty that aliens don’t exist, and we can’t say with confidence that alien life really exists. Our detector has detected an object, which has attracted the attention of scientists all over the world.

Because it is not only the first extrasolar object discovered in the solar system, its structure and identity has become a big mystery. So what is it?

The discovery of “aomomo”

On October 19, 2017, the pan star telescope began its routine sky survey mission. The person in charge of the observation this evening is Dr. rob valkiri, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of astronomy at the University of Hawaii.

Soon after the telescope began to observe, computer information indicated that a suspicious near earth object had been found.

This is not uncommon for the pan Star project, which has discovered nearly 1000 near earth objects. So when the new celestial body information appeared, rob was not too excited, but after he estimated the trajectory of the celestial body, the result shocked him.

From its orbit, it is not like the orbit of celestial bodies in the solar system, but more likely from outside the solar system. This may be something that humans have never discovered. He immediately submitted information about the object to the asteroid center.

In the next few days, astronomical observatories and enthusiasts around the world were shocked. Many scientists have begun to pay attention to this mysterious object. It is confirmed that the orbit of this celestial body is very extreme, and the eccentricity of hyperbolic orbit reaches 1.19 (eccentricity of 0 means that the orbit is circular, and eccentricity of less than 1 means that the orbit is elliptical).

The highest known eccentricity shows that it is indeed a celestial body from outside our solar system, which is the first one discovered so far!

At the beginning, scientists thought that the orbit with such a large eccentricity was a satellite at first, but later, for this small object, no comet’s signature volatile coma and tail were found near the perihelion.

Around October 25, people quickly revised their previous view that this was not a comet, but an asteroid.

On November 15, the International Astronomical Union put the official and permanent number of this small object: 1 / 2017 U1. Meanwhile, the discovery team in Hawaii named it “the first messenger from afar” and translated it as “Omo”.

Aomomo is a cigar shape, about 400 meters long and 40 meters wide. It is reddish in color and has a solid surface, but can not be distinguished from rock or metal. This cigar like object once passed the earth. If the distance is smaller, it may directly hit the earth.

What is the real identity of “aomomo”?

First: alien spaceship?

The team led by Professor Abraham Loeb, head of the Department of astronomy at Harvard University, speculated that this slender, dark red object may be a probe launched by alien civilization.

“The length of the object is 10 times its width, and its speed is 315000 kilometers per hour, which makes it enough to break away from the solar gravity and the solar system,” the paper was published in the Journal of astrophysics

Loeb has published more than 700 papers on black holes, the future of the universe, extraterrestrial life and the first stars.

Loeb said that since it was observed, Omo has shown many unusual features, which are a kind of objects that have never been observed before. For example, its shape is longer and flatter than all known asteroids or comets in the solar system.

The data also show that the celestial body’s course deviates from the trajectory determined by the sun’s gravity, indicating that it has a power source. It can absorb solar radiation and get forward power.

However, this conjecture of Loeb’s team is too surprising, and many researchers in astronomy believe that there is a lack of more convincing evidence.

Second: Stellar debris

The spectral properties of omomo show that in the original planetary system, it was once subjected to intense thermal radiation from stars, which can be produced by flying close to stars.

Such close contact may tear the parent body of omomo into many slender fragments by the tidal action of the star. Meanwhile, the tidal action may increase the velocity of some fragments to exceed the escape velocity of the star, making them interstellar objects.

By analyzing the source and distribution of possible mother bodies, they found that from comets with a diameter of several kilometers to planets the size of the earth, all of them may be interstellar objects similar to Omo. The number of interstellar objects produced by the mother body before it was torn up and thrown out by the tide can explain the probability of occurrence of Omo.

Xiaobian thinks that up to now, human beings are still debating about the mysterious identity of aomomo. Of course, if it is really an extraterrestrial aircraft, if human beings can contact it, it is undoubtedly excellent. However, it is not clear whether it is a blessing or a curse.

What do you think of this? Welcome to comment.

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