The first one is going to die out, and the second one can’t be seen by human eyes

There are thousands of creatures in the world. We have seen many of them, but there are more that we have not seen. Even if you see them, you will be surprised at how they grow. It’s really a response to that sentence. There are all kinds of wonders in the world. The animals I made up for you today will definitely refresh your understanding of animals, because they are so strange!

Finger monkey

This monkey is named for its long fingers, feet and hands. Its body size is much smaller than other monkeys, only 30-40cm. What’s more amazing is that its tail is 10-20cm longer than its whole body. This kind of monkey lives mainly in the tropical rain forest, and its foraging and activities are mostly at night. Because its voice is ugly, it sounds like the howl in ghost movies. The local people think it is an ominous sign, and they will choose to kill it when they see it. In addition, its living environment has been gradually destroyed by people, and now this animal is on the verge of extinction.

Star nosed mole

The mole looks a bit like a pig. It gets its name from the shape of its nose. Does it look like a flower on its nose? It’s the fastest mammal in the world. To see it capture prey is invisible to human eyes, you need to use high-speed cameras. How fast can it go? It only takes one second for it to complete a series of actions such as watching, confirming, catching and eating prey four times. This small and agile mole lives mainly in North America and the United States. Because it can give birth to six or seven at a time in mating season, it is tentatively called a non survival crisis species.


Tapirs, which are both pig like and hippopotamus like animals, are only found on some islands in Asia and America. This big, tall animal looks like a carnivore, but it’s a herbivore. They can adapt to a variety of living environment, can swim in the water, can play on land, can also live in the jungle and mountains. This kind of animal’s vision is weak, the sense of smell is particularly sensitive, looks for the food basically to rely on the smell. Green plants, wild fruits and aquatic plants are its favorite. Their life span is more than 20 years, which is short but colorful.


This creature looks like a dolphin shark, but has a curved bill. It’s called dugong. Ancient people did not understand it, once called it Mermaid. It is more than 2.5 meters long and the largest is more than three meters long. It mainly lives on seaweed and likes to sleep. I don’t know whether it is because of its huge size that it often sleeps. Dugongs are so timid that they can hardly surface except for breathing. In China, there are still dugongs along the coast of Guangxi at present, and the most survival is mainly in Australia.

Due to the change of environment and human injury, many animals are becoming rarer and rarer. It’s lucky to be able to see these animals. The chance is as small as five million. But in order that these magical animals can live in a certain corner of the world, everyone should protect the environment.

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