The first person to reach the Mariana Trench, after diving 10916 meters, was not happy!

For human beings, the ocean is always mysterious, and we are always in awe of it. Even if we have created advanced scientific and technological equipment, there are still unknown areas in the ocean, especially the Mariana Trench. Not only are food resources scarce, but the environment is extremely harsh. Scientists have also imagined that if we go to the deepest part of the Mariana Trench, what will we see?

In many people’s cognition, the Mariana Trench is like a hell on earth. The environment here is very bad. Not only oxygen is scarce, but also the temperature is very low. Even professional explorers dare not come here easily. As early as 1960, however, explorers came to the Mariana Trench. The explorer, Picard, was the first person on earth to enter the Mariana Trench. Although his experience is very thrilling, he has made great contribution to human exploration of the ocean. At that time, the level of human science and technology was very limited. How did Picard get to the deepest place?

The deepest part of the trench

It happened on January 23, 1960, when Picard came to the Mariana Trench with an American officer. They took a submersible and dived to a depth of 10916 meters from the sea. At that time, human diving equipment was still very limited. Picard once thought that he might never return to land again. During the expedition, Picard’s Submersible exploded, and even the glass cracked. Generally speaking, if there is such an accident, many people will choose to return to the land, but Picard thinks it’s just a small setback. They continue to dive and finally go to the deepest part.

What’s in the deepest part?

So what did Picard see when he dived deep into the Mariana Trench? When they reached the bottom of the sea, they found that it was like another world. There were many rare and unknown marine creatures growing here. In such a claustrophobic environment, there was even the sound of knocking on the cabin door. The two of them have never seen such a phenomenon. Are there other creatures deep in the sea?

Many people think that maybe there is an alien base in the deepest part of the sea. When they see humans sneaking into their base, they will naturally say hello to humans. In fact, there is no scientific basis for this. The impact sound Picard heard is actually the same as the knock on the door Yang Liwei heard in space at that time. This is caused by the uneven internal and external pressure difference, and has nothing to do with extraterrestrial life.

With the development of science and technology, our exploration career has also taken a successful step. Deep sea exploration is no longer a problem for human beings. But in the Mariana Trench, there is something that shouldn’t exist, that is plastic, which also rings an alarm for mankind. If we don’t protect the environment, then no one on earth will be spared.

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