The five forbidden areas for life on earth are the most terrifying. Three of them are in China, and they have to be bypassed when building roads

The world is so big that there are countless beautiful natural scenery and spectacular masterpieces of human ingenuity. However, few people in several parts of the world can safely get in and out, so far there is no scientific solution, so people have to try their best to avoid them.

1、 Bermuda Triangle.

This is a world-famous place. The first time the Columbus fleet passed by here, it encountered a sudden sea storm. All the navigation instruments on board failed for a time, and the people on board were dizzy and uncontrollable. Afterwards, they found that the compass pointer had deviated by 36 degrees. After that, there were many ships missing there. The most bizarre thing was the sudden disappearance of rosary in Cuba in 1840. After a period of time, the ship appeared on the sea of Bermuda. There was no one on the ship. The goods were in good condition, and even the fruit was fresh In recent years, many airplanes have disappeared out of thin air. According to the observation and research of scientists, affected by the tropical climate, this place often produces a water wall as high as 10 meters and a sea tornado that can suck sea water up to several thousand meters. It is also located in the crustal fault zone between South and North America, with frequent volcanic and seismic activities and abnormal geomagnetism. This may be the real reason for frequent disappearances!

2、 Lop Nor in China

Lop Nur is known as the “devil’s triangle” in Asia. Since ancient times, countless lives have been lost in Lop Nur. What is most regrettable is the disappearance of Peng Jiamu, a famous scientist in 1980, who could not be found by the national master plane and police force. In 1996, Yu chunshun, a Chinese explorer, went to Lop Nur on his own and did not return safely. When people found his body, he faced his hometown. There are still many people who enter Lop Nor return.

3、 No man’s land in northern Tibet, China

The main reason why the no man’s land has become a forbidden zone for life is that no one is there. Once entering, it is the boundless Gobi and mountains. The temperature difference between day and night is great, the wind is strong, and it is easy to lack oxygen. Once entering, people can’t hope to get help from others when they encounter any difficulties. There are also countless people who have lost their lives here.

4、 430km of Lanxin Expressway in China

Bermuda, China’s land, is a place where accidents often happen. It is often a strange rollover accident. The rollover direction is north. It is said that there may be a strong magnetic field here to “attract” vehicles to rollover. Even now, if you want to build a new railway, you can bypass it.

5、 Italian valley of death

This forbidden zone is only for animals, but it’s safe for human beings to enter. 30000 animals die in this valley every year, but the cause of death can’t be found out! It is said that it was originally a primeval forest where wild animals like to live and breed. I don’t know when it became a “graveyard” for animals

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