The forbidden zone of human beings, the lung of the earth that dare not set foot on, or burning “the end of the world”

Human beings have lived and multiplied on this blue planet for nearly 4.4 million years, and the birth of the earth has been gradually 4.6 billion years. Human beings, who have always claimed to be the master of the earth, still have very little knowledge of the earth. Just like many forbidden zones for human beings in the world, such as Bermuda Triangle, insect Valley miasma and wild rainforest, are all discovered by human beings, but they never dare to set foot. However, this is the main output of human oxygen Now it will bring “the end of the world” to mankind.

When it comes to the Amazon rainforest, we all know that it is a vast wild rainforest located in South America, in which there are ancient biological relics, ancient civilizations that human beings can’t touch, and some mysterious legends. Just when we thought that the rainforest was just a mysterious pure land, a fire broke the peace.

The fire continued to burn for three weeks, and gradually spread to the interior of the forest, with nearly 800000 hectares of rainforest turned into scorched soil. The problem is, how did the fire start in a tropical rainforest with humid air and dense plants? What would the world look like if the fire spread like this?

First of all, there are many different opinions about the beginning of the fire. Some people think that it is in the southern hemisphere during the dry season, and the sunlight is likely to be the cause of the fire. Some people think that it is the last fire set off by the tribe in the ancient legend in the deep rainforest. Some people think that it is man-made. In short, there are different conclusions. However, when people discuss it in their spare time, they do not know the rainforest The fire will envelop the earth with “doomsday”.

The smoky rainforest turns the day into the night, with birds and animals fleeing and many choking to death, the local meteorological bureau said. With the burning of rainforest, the concentration of carbon dioxide rises sharply. As we all know, dioxide will bring greenhouse effect, and it will be a huge blow to human civilization. The tropical rain forest, known as the lung of the earth, accounts for 1 / 2 of the world’s rainforest area. If the rainforest ecosystem is destroyed, the earth’s ozone layer will be destroyed, and human beings directly exposed to cosmic radiation will be unable to survive. “Doomsday bell” will ring in the fire.

The bad situation forces people to put out the fire, but with the delay of time, 800000 rainforests are about to be destroyed. This irreversible fact is placed in front of mankind, leaving mankind with only the remaining time to prepare for a series of chain reactions caused by the coming ozone hole.

The once lush rainforest is extremely desolate after the fire, and the once forbidden area for human beings has gradually become dark and desolate. A fire brings not only the disappearance of green vegetation, but also the prelude to the “doomsday bell”! If this fire really brings “the end of the world”, do you think humans really need a Noah’s Ark? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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