The former American pilot revealed that aliens had set up a base in Antarctica, but humans could not find it!

Antarctica is covered by thick glaciers, so it is very difficult for human beings to explore Antarctica. Since ancient times, Antarctica has been full of mystery. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the secret base in Antarctica is real, and the builders are the aliens we are looking for.

An underground base in Antarctica?

Although Antarctica is the last ownerless land on the earth, and human beings never dare to set foot on it easily, a few scientists and pilots come to perform missions every year. In 2019, a pilot who used to work in the seal team told the media. The US Navy Seals, founded in 1962, are responsible for secret missions and emergencies. The informant said that they received a secret operation at that time to protect a team of scientists and help them enter the bildmore glacier smoothly. There is an octagonal underground building near the glacier. Only a small part of it is exposed. The other parts are covered by thick glaciers, which is hard to find.

When they got to the door of the building, they found some hieroglyphs on the door, which they had never seen before. The walls of the building are very thick and smooth to the touch. Although the temperature outside the south pole is very low, the temperature inside the building is about 20 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable. Although they entered the building, they only reached here. They didn’t go on. There was a dead road ahead and there was no passage. The informant claimed that he thought there must be an entrance to other worlds underground, but they never found it.

If what the informant said is true, then these hieroglyphs are probably left by ancient civilization. Some people think that the Antarctic glacier is the protective cover of this underground building, but as the global temperature rises, the Antarctic glacier begins to melt, and the building of this secret base is slowly revealed. But who built this secret base? Why it appears here is still unclear.

Human gene experiment?

At this time, another informant appeared. He arrived at the secret base in another operation and saw a scene that will never be forgotten in this life. He claimed that he saw the descendants of aliens and human beings in this base. When he inquired, he learned that the base was actually conducting secret experiments, the purpose of which was to uncover the secrets of human genes. The offspring he saw were actually test specimens.

It has to be said that what these two informants said is too sci-fi. This is just the picture that will appear in the film. After all, human beings have not discovered the secret base of Antarctica until now. If what these two people said is true, how many secrets of the universe are waiting for human beings to solve?

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