The former Soviet Union drilled 12262 meters, suspected of digging to the gate of hell was stopped! Does the gate of hell really exist?

Scientists have been wondering what is deep in the earth? Is there underground civilization? Located on the Kola Peninsula of the former Soviet Union, there is a drilling hole called “Kola drilling”. It was a super project excavated by the former Soviet Union in the 1960s and 1970s. Three wells were excavated in this project, the deepest of which reached 12262 meters, which was the deepest drilling hole in the world at that time.

However, some people call it Russia’s hell gate, because from 1970 to 1983, the project had been drilled for more than 12000 meters, but then something terrible happened, so the project was stopped. What’s the matter? Let’s look down together!

It is rumored that the reason for the drilling stoppage was due to lack of funds, but in fact, it was due to some mysterious phenomena, which later led to some people saying that this is Russia’s hell gate. In fact, after drilling more than 3000 meters, there will be some incredible strange phenomena. The drill bit will dissolve into some very hot materials underground. Although the melting point of the drill bit is close to the temperature of the sun’s surface, sometimes the drill bit will fall down, leaving only the wire rope.

What’s more, when the drilling depth of Hellgate in Russia was close to 12000 meters, the strange sound came from the drilling. Moreover, this phenomenon can’t be explained by science at all. Later, a very strange sound was recorded in the hell gate of Russia, just like “human roar”.

Those present swore that the sound they heard was like the call of a sinner in hell, but then suddenly they heard a strong explosion, which nature had never heard before. The researchers at the scene recalled that they did not hear anything for the next few days. It’s hard to say that Russia’s hell gate is real. Is it drilled in hell?

Naturally, many people will doubt such strange things. What is the truth of hell gate in Russia? If you ask whether the Russian Hellgate project is true or not, it is true. But if you ask whether the mysterious phenomenon in the Hellgate project is true or not, and whether the project has really dug up “hell”, there is no way to prove it.

Although there are some data to illustrate the problem, the diameter of the earth is 12756 kilometers, and the Hellgate in Russia excavated 12262 meters, which is equivalent to one thousandth of the diameter of the earth. When it comes to drilling a small hole in the eggshell, it is far from the center of the earth. As for those mysterious phenomena, they are only spread on the Internet, but there is no evidence.

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