The fountain burst into foam at night and did not spray water, so the religious believers were too happy to speak.

In the early years, there was a very interesting phenomenon in some western countries. The fountains were full of bubbles in one night. These people believe in God, or believe in God, believe in religion. They have always thought that this is a miracle of God or their own God, so they vie here to worship – just to seize every opportunity to get them closer to God.

Take a few very interesting examples, for example, in August 2010, the University of Cleveland in Tennessee fountain, there were water fireworks, which is very strange. The surrounding people came to worship, the bubble in the fountain was mostly gone to the lawn. Besides, the bubbles and fountains were smitten with a smell of fragrance. The people who love it looked really happy and displeased.

With the further increase in the bubble fountain in the course of time, more and more people think that this is a supernatural event – the God descends to the world, and even more, the different religious believers will argue this way, because the God who believes is not one.

It was only later that people discovered that there was a group of people who poured detergent into the fountain from time to time. From the mainland of Europa to the continent of North America, no one knows where the next bubble fountain is. This kind of game seems to have something to do with the dark net. Besides, it is also about some kind of secret network in the West.

What are these people called? They’re the fountains. The behavior of the fountain bandits is laughingly called a way of entertainment for modern people. Why do they explain it this way? After all, in their view, only by pouring detergent into the fountain can they thoroughly show their desire for expression.

After all, there are so many people in the world. There are always people who are willing to tease fountains and play tricks on public facilities.

You have one bottle, I have one bottle, a total of N bottles of detergent, you don’t stop, I don’t stop, the fountain doesn’t stop, no one stops. Kawayak once said that the true unruly souls don’t care about anything, because they have king like pride in their heart.

No matter how long the history is, no matter how bullish the fountain design, it will take two hours without two hours, and only 20 minutes will be flooded by foam. If the local police ask about it, their unified caliber – I have no reason to say, it’s just that they are happy to see this scene. In principle, these people should be detained administratively, but their lawyers will be sophisticated: can’t you afford such a thing? Few members of the society can resist such rogue torture.

But it has to be said that they don’t understand this at all – they really enjoy watching how it will hurt the local environment. I had a good time, but the mayor and the mayor’s center began to grow.

After all, these things can be very complicated to clean up. First of all, the most obvious thing is to use defoamer. The existence of defoamer is to deal with a large number of bubbles. For a long time, it is estimated that this time will take a week. In addition, the fountain needs to be drained to clean the residual detergent inside. In addition, this is not enough. Since the fountain has been washed with detergent, it should be thoroughly cleaned inside and outside, so deep cleaning chemicals are essential.

Some people are bound to question why it is necessary to use defoamers instead of blowing them away with wind or flushing them with water? The reason is that the foam of these fountains, if overflowing, will pollute the lawn. In order to protect the environment, no matter how complicated the means, people have to use them.

It’s a common human disease. Everyone just enjoys the present and doesn’t think about what they should do afterwards. These people are really blocking up the local municipal government, and it takes money, energy and time to solve this problem. Most normal people will not block others.

Finally, I hope that all the fountains in the world will no longer be damaged by bubbles.

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