The four kinds of “super abilities” that human beings often use are innate, but they have been ignored by human beings all the time!

Many people aspire to be superheroes and possess super abilities when they are young. As we grow older, we know that we are all ordinary people, and super abilities are just fabricated. In fact, human beings, as the higher wisdom on earth, also have some innate “super abilities”. Let’s follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Human aura.

This aura is not what we call human temperament, it is actually the invisible energy field in the human body. This gas field is made up of a large number of atoms, which are wrapped around our bodies, and a magnetic field layer appears around these atoms. It is precisely because of the strong repulsive ability of the atom’s magnetic field, and even can overcome the gravity of the earth, that we have no way to break through buildings.

Human assimilation ability.

The human body is composed of tens of thousands of cells. In these cells, mitochondria provide energy for the life activities of cells. It is with his existence that we can carry out life activities. But in the research of scientists, they have an unexpected discovery. The original structure of mitochondria is very different from other cell structures. Why does this structure appear in human body? Therefore, they suspect that mitochondria are not produced spontaneously by the human body, maybe they are invaded. Mitochondria may have been a kind of bacteria invading human body before, but after it entered human body, due to human assimilation ability, it gradually evolved into useful cells for human body.

Human hearing.

Although we can’t hear some low frequency sound, our ears can distinguish some tiny sound. Scientists have done an experiment, he let the experimenter drink a mouthful of cold water, and then drink a mouthful of hot water, through the two drinking process, he found that human can distinguish hot water and cold water through the ear. This is actually because the molecular viscosities in hot water and cold water are different, which leads to their different vibration frequencies, which can be well distinguished by resolving the vibration frequencies.

Human healing power.

In fact, the fetus also plays an important role in the health of the mother. When the mother is sick or injured, because the fetus can control the liver cells in the mother’s body, these stem cells will be transported to the mother’s body to ensure health. Therefore, human beings are born with therapeutic ability, which may be the so-called mother child connection.

So there are so-called super powers in the human body, but we usually don’t notice them. It can be seen that the mystery of the human body is infinite, and the power of human beings is also very powerful. Even though our scientific and technological level has been so developed, the secret of the human body has not been completely solved. What do you think?

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