The four supernatural phenomena in the world are constantly controversial. Why is there still no explanation?

Nowadays, the level of science and technology of human beings has improved by leaps and bounds. Some phenomena that cannot be explained by human beings can be effectively answered by using science and technology, but this is not absolute. Nature is mysterious. In the face of some supernatural phenomena, even if we have developed high technology, we still can not explore its true face, which has become an unsolved problem in human history It’s a mystery. There have been four such supernatural phenomena in the world, which are still controversial.

The sun seems to be dancing.

This mysterious event took place in October 1917, when people were very Christian. In order to welcome the Virgin Mary, all the believers came to Fatima, Portugal, ready to welcome her. At this time, a magical scene took place in the sky, the color of the sun began to change, spread a variety of colors, and began to tilt slowly, just like dancing in the air. The whole process lasted about 10 minutes. Scientists suspect that this may be caused by the activity of the sun, but believers believe that this is the message sent by the Virgin Mary, which is still debated.

Dance plague.

This incident happened in Strasbourg in 1518. It was no different from the usual day. Most people bought or strolled in the market. Suddenly, a woman ran to the middle of the street and began to dance. Then she began to shake violently. The woman’s bizarre behavior lasted for a week, and then three, five or more people joined the dance. A month later, the phenomenon affected more than 400 people, and it was not until September that the situation improved. They did not know why they danced in the street.

New England dark day.

This happened in May 1780, and the sky has been changing since the morning. There was a rusty cloud spreading from the West and blocking the sun. At this time, New England was shrouded in darkness. By noon, New England had become a darkness. At that time, science and technology were still relatively backward. Local people thought that this might be God’s judgment on human beings, and they went to church one after another to pray for God’s forgiveness. There are also some people think that this is just a normal weather phenomenon, but it has not been recognized by them.

Hollywell incident.

The victims of this incident were children. It happened in 1980 when more than 300 children were preparing to participate in the band competition, but suddenly they had vomiting, diarrhea and sore eyes. Even if doctors came to treat it at that time, the cause of the disease was not found. Although more than 30 years have passed and medical technology has made great progress, this incident still plagues many doctors.

In fact, there are many supernatural phenomena like this in the world. Many years have passed and we can’t find the truth. What other mysterious supernatural events do you know? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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