The frescoes of ancient statues in spacesuits suggest that the earth may have been visited by aliens

Scientists can’t tell how big the universe is, but the universe is far bigger than we think, and trillions of planets make people realize that the earth is not alone in the universe, there must be aliens and alien civilization in the universe.

In recent years, with the advancement of outer space exploration, the continuous progress of human civilization and science and technology, our exploration of the solar system has accelerated, although we have not found the existence of extraterrestrial life in the solar system. However, some suspected artificial buildings have been found on several major planets and some satellites. Venus is a hot fireball, but you can never imagine that there are a lot of artificial buildings on the surface of Venus.

Not long ago, NASA suddenly released a group of photos of the surface of Venus. In this group of photos, a large number of man-made buildings clearly appeared on Venus. These buildings are arranged neatly, as if they were buildings for people to live in. Together, these buildings are almost equivalent to a huge city. Due to the harsh environment of Venus, our probe could not land on the surface of Venus for detection, but the images taken by the space probe were enough to shock us. This tells us that Venus used to have civilization, but later it became so for some unknown reason.

Mars and the earth’s environment is similar, the probe can go up, and from the Mars probe sent out a lot of pictures can also see some man-made things, and Europa, there is liquid water, life may also exist. These are some traces of the solar system that prove the existence of aliens.

In ancient times, there were many things suspected of alien construction, such as the Egyptian pyramids. This is a relatively obvious alien construction. With the technology of thousands of years ago, without tools, it is impossible to build tens of tons of stones hundreds of meters high by human brute force, let alone transport these stones from the mountains in the distance. In order to complete the project, we must rely on large machinery. But in ancient Egypt, there was no such thing at all, which means that it might have been built with the help of extraterrestrial civilization, or by aliens

Moreover, in the murals of the Egyptian pyramids, there are many unusual things, such as the Egyptians with satchels. Did they have satchels at that time? There are also murals of characters in cosmosuits, which further proves that Egyptians had seen these things at that time, and the satchel was also something of aliens. If they gave it to some ancient Egyptians for use, Egyptians certainly thought it was not ordinary, so it was normal to use murals to record them.

There are also models of modern airplanes in ancient Egyptian frescoes. This is definitely not something that people painted casually at that time. The things that can be painted in the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh all show that they are important things, and they are not something that can be painted casually.

Even in the ancient Egyptian pyramids, there were some portraits that didn’t look like earthlings. Could these be the aliens who helped build the pyramids at that time?

There are many great ancient buildings on the earth, but these buildings have at least thousands of years of history, and even tens of thousands of years ago, hundreds of thousands of years ago, even hundreds of millions of years ago. At that time, human beings could not complete those projects, which could only be built by alien civilization.

Although we haven’t really found aliens yet, we can see from the buildings of ancient civilization found in the solar system and on the earth that aliens actually visited the earth as early as ancient times, and helped the earth people build some buildings. They left traces of their civilization. Maybe one day, the aliens will come to the earth and formally communicate with us, which will also help us achieve faster progress of civilization.

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