The frozen animal corpses of 18000 years ago unearthed from the permafrost layer are well preserved. What kind of animal is this?

With the increasing global greenhouse effect, the permafrost began to melt. What is the permafrost? Let’s start with popular science.

Permafrost refers to the earth rock layer that has been frozen for many years. It is generally distributed in Alaska, Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Siberia and so on. It is generally divided into upper and lower layers. The upper layer melts in summer and freezes in winter, which is called active layer or ice melting layer. The lower layer is frozen all year round.

Permafrost is called “the natural place to preserve gene” by paleontologists. Because the permafrost soil has been frozen for hundreds of thousands of years, or even longer, there are many extinct ancient creatures in it.

With the increasing global warming, Siberia’s permafrost layer is constantly being “unearthed” by ancient creatures. Scientists have excavated mammoths and other recognizable prehistoric biological skeletons.

In 2018, scientists found another frozen corpse of an animal, which can clearly be seen as a cub. The cubs are well preserved, and their fur, teeth and blood still exist.

After extracting DNA for testing, scientists speculated that it was born 18000 years ago and only two months old before death.

But the cub looks like a dog but not a dog. After checking the gene bank of the dog, the researchers found that there is no such species. What is it? This question puzzled and excited scientists.

As we all know, there is no dog in the world. Dogs are trained by human beings. Humans choose to tame and raise the offspring of wolves, and only those who are docile and can obey the master’s command are qualified to survive.

In this way, after generations of screening, these wolves become more and more docile, more and more able to listen to the master’s consciousness, this is the birth of the dog.

Back to the point, is this cub a wolf or a dog?

According to research, humans domesticated the domestic wolf into a dog about 20000 or 30000 years ago, and this baby was born about 18000 years ago. From this point of time, it is entirely possible that it is a wolf or a dog, which is between wolf and dog.

But with the current human cognition and technology, there is no way to be sure. But if the technology of reviving ancient creatures can be developed in the future, it will be easy to solve this problem. What do you think? Welcome to comment area!

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