The galaxy is dead, when it will die is a mystery, and the final fate is unimaginable

When it comes to the Milky way, it must be familiar to everyone, because it is the galaxy where the earth is located. However, scientists have given a terrible word, that is, the Milky way where the earth belongs. The galaxy has died, and the ultimate fate of mankind can’t imagine.

When it comes to galactic death, first of all, what is galactic death? In short, there will be no new stars, and the motion of galaxies is driven by dark matter and dark energy. When stars are no longer born, galaxies will not have enough raw materials to continue to evolve and move. In this way, galaxies will gradually disappear and die.

In this way, the huge galaxy in the universe, like the human body, will grow old and die, and there will be no secret of immortality. So the galaxy has died. When did it die? Is there a fatal danger to human beings?

The answer is still unclear. Because the scientific community found that the galaxy had stopped producing stars when science and technology were available. It is speculated that the youngest star that can be detected in the galaxy is about 1 billion years old. The scientific community also found that the galaxy died 1 billion years ago. But there are also some voices against it. Scientists say that since the Milky way can have death, we can compare it to human cells. Some cells have metabolism of life, aging and death, but some cells are constantly phagocytizing other cells and gradually getting bigger. The Milky way is such a “phagocytic” cell. We can’t determine the birth and death of galaxies, silver The river system will also increase with its own expansion.

We who live on the earth may say that the Milky way is too large, because our earth exists with the solar system, so what is the impact of the death of the Milky way on the solar system? What happens to the solar system after death? In short, the ultimate fate of mankind is unimaginable, because the solar system may disappear and human civilization will be extinct. The reason is that the dark matter mentioned above will devour stars without enough raw materials, and scientists have found black holes that can devour the solar system. Just like inertia, the earth will also enter black holes or collide with dark matter and explode, so the sun will be destroyed Will the system all go into the black hole or go to the end? The answer is No. according to scientists’ conjecture, because the Milky way was born a long time ago and will not disappear out of thin air, it will float in the universe until it collides with the nearest Galaxy Andromeda galaxy, which will be activated again after new power and new nuclear fusion to form new galaxies.

In short, with the discovery of reality, people are aware of the objective reality of the current situation of the galaxy. With the progress of science and technology, the unknown mysteries are gradually becoming clear, and those unimaginable fates will become reality. If one day disaster comes, as a survivor, what do you think the new earth environment will look like? Welcome to leave a message and say what you think!

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