The “gate of hell” in the world is a lie in people’s eyes, or a key to ancient civilization

In the planet on which we live, human beings have always claimed to be the master of the earth, but compared with human beings, the area of the earth is too vast, and there are many places that people have not yet explored or cannot explore. At 32 ° 20 ′ N and 64 ° 45 ′ w of the earth, there is a mysterious triangle. Many ships and planes are missing in this sea area, which has shocked the whole world. Some people even say that it is the gate to hell. Today, let’s talk about the secret hidden in the once shocking rumor and today’s big lie.

Everyone must understand that this mysterious delta is the Bermuda delta composed of Bermuda Islands, Miami and San Juan. We have heard of those appalling rumors, and the horror of Bermuda has aroused the curiosity of countless people. For various purposes, people have never stopped exploring the Bermuda Triangle. The following is the relevant literature of the scientific community.

First of all, the records of Bermuda Triangle in the Memoirs of Danish geographers: since the disappearance of the seventh column, the secret of Bermuda Triangle has become more and more terrifying. But in today’s experiment, I don’t know whether it is a coincidence or something. I have counted the loss of ships and flights in the past 30 years. We have planed out the military factors and divided the earth according to the area of Bermuda Triangle It is found that there are disconnection events in each triangle, and they are discrete phenomena. This experiment is also a strong evidence to tell a lie about Bermuda as the gate of hell. On the contrary, it also provides a way of thinking for the world. Maybe the world’s magnetic field is divided by triangle, but Bermuda’s magnetic field is abnormal.

The second is the discovery of archaeology. In 1967, a pilot found a huge rectangular object in Bermuda. This unintentional discovery added a layer of mystery to the Bermuda accident. It was not until August of the next year that the scientific research team explored and excavated that it was found that the huge rectangular shadow was a huge Stonehenge lying on the bottom of the sea, and a 42 meter high Stonehenge was found, Each side of the pyramid is 54 meters long. In 1989, Norwegian divers also found an ancient underwater city in the “magic triangle”. Looking at the relics, there was a prosperous civilization. However, when the continent was silent and what happened left many unknown secrets to the world. But what we know is that this once lie may become the gateway to ancient civilization My key.

In a word, the rumor that Bermuda is the “gate of hell” has become a myth. The terrible situation of that year seems to be a big lie today, but at the same time, it also leaves the world an unanswered mainland secret. Those supernatural phenomena may also be affected by tornadoes and crustal changes. When human beings conquer Bermuda, the key to explore human ancient civilization may really solve the mystery. If one day the plane or ship that crashed in Bermuda returns, what amazing secret would you like the survivors to tell? Welcome to leave a message and say what you think!

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