The gate of time and space? Is the female skeleton 4000 years ago really alien?

There are many mysterious places on the earth. The pyramids of Egypt and the Bermuda delta are full of unsolved mysteries. Although our scientific and technological level is already very high, there are still some supernatural phenomena that can not be explained. Some people even think that the birth of these supernatural phenomena may have a lot to do with aliens. Some time ago, the UFO video released by the United States also seems to verify this statement.

Female skeletons 4000 years ago

There is a mysterious place on earth called arkaym. In 1987, when the former Soviet Union wanted to build a reservoir in this area, it found a huge circular building, which is what we call alkaym. The reason why it’s mysterious is that many people enter this area, not only will their heart beat faster, their blood pressure will rise rapidly, and even the magnetic field will drop inexplicably. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of many scientists. They have come here to excavate. A female skeleton has been excavated 4000 years ago, but many people think it’s mysterious Is it true that the skeleton is an alien?

The discovery of this skeleton caused a great stir, and many people came here to study it. When they came to this area, they found that the ancient city may really be related to aliens. After more than a year of exploration, scientists found that the ruins of this ancient city actually belonged to the Babylonian period. Some people think that this ancient city may be a branch of the ancient Aryans, in which many European ancestors lived. When we look down on the ancient city from the air, we will find that the ancient city is like a tree ring, and the whole city is like a circle.

“Modern facilities” in the ancient city

To the surprise of scientists, all the buildings in this ancient city have perfect facilities, such as wells, stoves and storerooms. These facilities greatly facilitate human life. In today’s view, how could these things have appeared thousands of years ago?

Some people think that alkaym actually means heaven and earth. This ancient city may be the entrance to connect the universe. Therefore, people living in this city are not human beings, but mysterious aliens. In recent decades, there have been many UFO sightings in this site. Is this ancient city really related to aliens?

As for the residents living in the area, they claim that they have witnessed the appearance of aliens, and there is a “time and space gate” connecting the universe in this area. As long as we can find this door, we can enter another world. As early as in the past, Russia has also built a UFO shelter in the Ural Mountains, hoping to solve the mystery of this ancient city. However, up to now, the mystery of this ancient city has not been revealed by us. What do you think?

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