The gate of time and space? Mysterious stone gate appears in Peru, which is called by local people or leads to other planets!

In many science fiction movies, wormhole is no longer a distant term, the protagonist can use wormhole to travel through time and space. Although Einstein put forward the theory of wormhole, we haven’t really seen it in the universe until now. If humans can find wormholes, space-time travel will be very easy. There is a mysterious stone gate on the earth. The local people claim that this is the “gate of the stars”. With this stone gate, we can travel through time and space. Is it true?

This stone gate is located in the mountains of Peru, where there is a very famous lake. The stone gate is only 35 meters away from this lake. The local Indians called the mountain “the city of the gods.”. The Mountaineering Road is very rugged, and there is no spectacular scenery around. Since ancient times, this area has been deserted, and this stone gate has been abandoned for thousands of years.

The discovery of the stone gate owes much to a local tour guide. That was in 1996. The tour guide’s name was Louis. When he was wandering in the mountain area, he accidentally found a huge stone gate. After measurement, he found that the length and width of the stone gate were about 7 meters, and a small stone gate was inlaid under the stone gate. Lewis was very surprised when he saw this phenomenon. After all, this area was once the territory of the Inca Empire, and this stone gate must have been built at that time, which is of great significance to human beings. So he immediately contacted the local scientific institutions, and this stone gate became the focus of local scientists’ exploration.

The legend of Shimen

In the process of their exploration, they found that there was a local legend about this stone gate. It is said that this stone gate can connect two worlds. If a warrior among mortals is approved by God, then the warrior can enter the stone gate and enter the world of God. In addition to this legend, there is also a local saying that there was a priest in the Inca Empire. He once put a shining disc into the groove of the stone gate. The whole stone gate turned blue and he disappeared. This legend has also spread to the present.

Can Shimen really travel through time and space?

I thought it was just a legend, but I didn’t expect to find the stone gate in the real world. Is this stone gate really the entrance to another time and space? The FBI of the United States has published a document in which a door is mentioned, not a stone door found in Peru. According to the documents, extraterrestrial life once appeared on the earth. If these extraterrestrial life want to enter the earth, they must go through a door.

Although this document is real, the content of the document is really incredible. If there is such a door on earth, what is its connection with the stone gate in Peru?

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