The gate of time and space? “Wormhole” appears above Antarctica, and human beings may realize space-time crossing

Antarctica is the most spectacular and mysterious place on earth. Because this is the last continent that human beings set foot on, there are still many unknown things that have not yet been revealed. Previously, there was news that aliens had set up bases in Antarctica, and a more bizarre rumor was the time gate over Antarctica. It is said that the time gate of Antarctica can travel through time and space, and even reverse time by 30 years.

Let time go back 30 years

At present, scientists have found that there is a continuous rotation of gray smoke over Antarctica, which does not change with the migration of time in the process of observation, and does not have any ability to move. To test what this “smog” is. The researchers decided to study the phenomenon seriously. They launched a weather balloon equipped with instruments to measure wind speed, temperature and atmospheric humidity. However, immediately after the launch, the balloon soared and disappeared.

After a while, the researchers retrieved the balloon with a rope. But something shocking happened. The balloon’s timer showed that it was January 27, 1965, just 30 years earlier. After confirming that the instrument on the balloon was not damaged, the researchers did the same experiment several times, but each time the time went backwards, and the timer still showed the past time. In response, scientists define this cloud of smoke as “the gate of time.”.

Gravity slows down time

Einstein’s theory of relativity once said that gravity slows down time. At the same time, scientists from Cornell University also put forward such a view, that is, by bending the light to delay time. This theory is not without foundation. The most advanced “invisibility cloak” is to achieve invisibility effect by bending visible light. Such a person, if wearing a stealth suit, can pass through the “Antarctic time gate”?

This idea is true in theory, and the time stop experiment is successful. However, whether there is a real time gate in Antarctica remains to be determined. However, the research on this topic will make science and technology to a higher level in the future. Maybe at some point in the future, human beings will be able to travel through time and space, and it will be a different landscape at that time.

The secret experiment of time gate

The famous Russian scientist nekrey kozlev conducted a time gate experiment to prove that it is possible to go back to the past from the future. To prove his point, he assumes that instant information can be transmitted through the physical properties of time. Nekley kozlev even assumed that “time can complete work and generate energy.”. An American physicist has come to the conclusion that time existed before the world appeared.

As we all know, in different environments, everyone has different feelings about the process of time. Once, lightning struck a climber. Later, the climber told others that he saw lightning enter his arm and move slowly along it; the lightning separated his skin and tissue, carbonating his cells. It feels stinging, as if there are countless hedgehogs under its skin.

Does the Antarctic loophole really exist? Why does time and space flow backward? This phenomenon is called “the gate of time”. The researchers will report to the White House. At present, the research on these abnormal phenomena is still continuing. Some people speculate that the rotating space on Antarctica is a channel to other times. But there are still people who don’t believe that the gap in time is just an illusion. To this day, people still don’t know its magic.

Guys, do you think the gate of time and space exists? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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