The German museum restored the mummy’s appearance and found that it was black. Were the ancient Egyptians black?

Mummy is one of the most important means to study Egyptian culture. Ancient Egyptians revered life. They believed that there was a soul after human death. If human bodies were made into mummies, then human beings would have the next reincarnation. There is a sculpture museum in Munich, Germany. This museum once collected a mummy. This mummy is very different from the mummy we saw. There is a picture carved on it. The child in the picture shows big eyes, which is very lovely.

Skin color of mummy

Scientists also tried to restore the appearance of the mummy, but there was a surprising scene. As like as two peas, the mummy is restored to the same image as a real person. But the color of the child is white. The picture of the child is black. We all know that mummy is one of the important civilizations of ancient Egyptians. The method of making this mummy is the same as that of ancient Egyptian mummies, except that after wrapping the deceased with linen, a board will be placed on the head, and the board is painted with the face of the deceased before. Scientists are very surprised to see the restored image. Is the skin color of ancient Egyptians black?

Why can appear black skin?

In 1912, archaeologists found the child’s mummy in Egypt and donated it to the royal family. After several rounds, the mummy entered the Munich National Sculpture Museum. The mummy is less than a meter long and is wrapped in thick linen bandages. The portrait is of a 34 year old boy who has been X-rayed and restored by scientists. This boy is very similar to Caucasians in the Mediterranean, but why does he have black skin?

Scientists believe that perhaps ancient Egyptians did have black skin. But later, ancient Egypt was ruled by Greece and Rome for a long time. During the reign, their aesthetics had been Europeanized. They thought that the Europeans were the most beautiful. Therefore, even after death, even the simulated portraits brought the skin color closer to the Europeans.

Of course, these are also the conjectures of scientists. At present, we have no substantial evidence to prove that the ancient Egyptians had black skin. They lived in the Asian continent and should have similar skin color to us. Even today’s Egyptians have the same skin color as ours.

Perhaps with the evolution of nature and the constant change of climate, the ancient Egyptians gradually adapted to the climate and environment, gradually abandoned the original skin color and became what they are now. This is the choice of biological evolution. What do you think?

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