The ghost ship disappeared for a long time appears again, scientists: its manufacturing technology is more than 300 years modern

As we all know, the sea area of the earth accounts for 70%, while the land area is only 30%. There are various legends in such a vast ocean, especially in the deep sea. Among so many mysterious events, the most mysterious one is the ghost ship.

The ghost ship was first discovered during World War II, when the United States and Japan were at war on the sea. There was a mysterious small warship following. The U.S. military thought it was a Japanese ship. Once it approached, it mysteriously disappeared, and there was no ripple on the water.

Later, some soldiers fell into the water, the mysterious ship appeared again, and the magic waves were used to save these soldiers. But when some soldiers wanted to catch up and express their gratitude, the ghost ship disappeared on the sea again. Later, all kinds of explorers were not afraid of danger and wanted to explore the mystery. They went to find the ghost ship, but they got nothing. Therefore, the ghost ship, like its name, was shrouded in mystery.

The ghost ship is good at rescuing the fallen soldiers, but it also has a bad side. At first, people thought that the sinking of the Titanic was caused by hitting the rocks, but after many years, some experts found that the impact part of the Titanic was very regular and round, as if it had been pierced by a laser weapon. And the survivors later recalled that after the sinking of the Titanic, the ghost ship appeared around the ship. Could it be the ghost ship?

No matter what the ghost ship is, American scientists say that this is definitely not what the earth’s current science and technology can produce. No one on earth can produce such a perfect warship, and the technology it uses exceeds the modern science and technology for at least 300 years. Some scholars have also suggested that the ghost ship may not be human beings on earth, but from extraterrestrial civilization, built by aliens in the universe.

Recently, some people claimed that they had seen a ghost submarine, but because of the heavy fog at that time, it was not sure whether it was a ghost submarine. However, it looms in the fog, and the speed of navigation is very fast, very mysterious. If this is really a ghost submarine, why did it disappear so long and reappear? What does its reappearance mean?

But in recent years, there is a new view of the ghost ship, that is, it is not from the extraterrestrial civilization, but from the human civilization in the ocean. Scientists say that in ancient times, in the process of human evolution, the human camp was divided into two parts, one part entered the ocean, the other part stayed on land. Human beings entering the ocean have their own civilization through evolution and development, and their scientific and technological strength is stronger than that of human civilization on land.

They have built a huge underwater world. Some people may doubt that if there is an underwater world, there is no reason why we can’t find it. Our submarine technology is also very powerful, and we can dive to a very deep seabed. The reason why the undersea world has not been discovered is that the undersea world has been built so deep that human submarines can not reach such a deep position. Maybe when the submarine technology is further developed in the future and can dive deeper, there will be new discoveries.

As for the existence of advanced intelligent life in the ocean, many scientists are still in favor of it. Some traces of civilization have been found on the bottom of the sea. What’s more, the ocean accounts for 70% of the earth’s area. It’s a bit unreasonable to say that there is no advanced intelligent life in the ocean. If there is advanced intelligent life in the ocean, their technology has developed again, and it’s normal to make ghost ships.

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