The “giant disc” appeared at the bottom of the sea 140000 years ago, probably from prehistoric civilization

As we all know, the proportion of the earth’s ocean is equivalent to that of the earth, which is a planet with a lot of liquid environment. Before, human beings have found many strange objects on the bottom of the sea, most of them were found in the uninhabited deep sea, which constitutes an unsolved problem for many scientists. After so many years of research, the most famous is the mysterious heteromorphic structure discovered by submarine explorers in the Baltic Sea five years ago, which has not yet been solved by scientists. Scientists have discovered many secrets in this heteromorphic structure, not just one of them.

In the world-famous salt free sea of the Baltic Sea, a special-shaped ocean was discovered, which is extremely rare in the world. At that time, people discovered the special-shaped ocean. When they were exploring the seabed, they inadvertently saw a huge circular structure with a diameter of more than 30 meters appearing under the sea.

Since the discovery of this strange shaped structure, many people have begun to fear the Baltic Sea, because scientists have discovered this circular structure, which looks very much like an alien flying saucer. Some even speculate that this strange shaped structure will appear under the sea floor, that is, the debris of an alien spaceship. It has been lurking in the Baltic Sea until today.

Through the study of this circular giant object, scientists found that it is indeed a huge object, and it is very similar to the flying saucer described by human beings before. Therefore, after such a big discovery in the Baltic Sea, scientists began to carry out an all-round exploration of this abnormal structure.

As far as all kinds of aircrafts invented by human beings on the earth are concerned, there is no so-called disk-shaped material at all. What scientists can be sure is that this kind of abnormal structure found under the Baltic Sea can not be the remains of the space shuttle, but the most likely is the advanced civilization emerging from the extraterrestrial planet, and everything involved in its interior is beginning to make researchers feel uneasy.

Based on the current research on extraterrestrial planets, the exploration of advanced civilization is still in the exploratory stage. The discovery of heteromorphic structure in the Baltic Sea undoubtedly gives scientists a boost, because their hard research on the fruitless advanced civilization may have appeared over the Baltic Sea and been discovered by undersea explorers.

Since then, scientists have started a comprehensive exploration of this kind of special-shaped structure. Through sonar technology, it can be concluded that this kind of special-shaped structure has a perfect structure system on the seabed. After a long silence on the seabed, it has not been corroded, which makes researchers believe that this mysterious special-shaped structure can not be created by nature at all, it is like a sea bed The abandoned parts of advanced civilization are hidden underground in the Baltic Sea.

After such a long period of potential, scientists mainly have several incredible views. First, this kind of discoid objects usually appear on the sea floor, where the salt solution is as high as the sea floor. In addition, there is a strong high pressure in the deep sea, which is located in the sea area where the external environmental system is quite unstable. This kind of phenomenon should also occur. However, the present situation may be different This is the disk-shaped aircraft made by advanced civilization. Here, researchers have carried out a long time fruitless research on it, and this research achievement has been sealed for five years. This unsolved mystery of the Baltic Sea still needs to be solved by human beings.

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