The giant palace thousands of years ago is actually located at the bottom of the sea. Scientists: or the footprints of prehistoric civilization

All along, we have heard stories of unknown civilizations. We all know that the earth has existed for many years. Although we humans have existed for tens of thousands of years, compared with the earth, it is like a sand on the bottom of the sea.

Human beings have been exploring the world since their birth, which is not only the need of human survival, but also the need to meet their own curiosity. With the development of science and technology, today, human beings have been able to explore the moon in the sky, or dive into the sea to explore the “new continent”. At the same time, human beings have discovered many magical natural phenomena and some strange phenomena that are difficult to explain by science. Although human technology has developed to a certain extent, some things are still mysterious to human beings.

We all know that the earth has existed for 4.6 billion years. During this period, not only life but also civilization came into being on the earth. The so-called “civilization” is human civilization. Although the civilization created by human beings can be collectively referred to as “human civilization”, there are many stages of human civilization: Prehistoric stage, ancient stage and modern stage.

prehistoric civilization

What is prehistoric civilization? In short, prehistoric civilization refers to the relics of different prehistoric human civilizations, such as Maya civilization and Atlantis civilization, among which Atlantis civilization is the most typical.

Primitive civilization and modern civilization

Because there are many controversies about prehistoric civilization, some scientists do not agree with it, so the primitive civilization is regarded as the first stage of human development, namely the stone age. When it comes to modern civilization, I believe everyone is familiar with it. After all, we are a modern society.

Primitive civilization and modern civilization have a broad sense of identity in the scientific community, while the mysterious prehistoric civilization has been controversial, which some scientists do not agree with. In fact, human beings have found many suspicious relics of prehistoric civilization on the earth, but because of the long time, scientists have not been sure whether these relics came from prehistoric times. Also because of this, the scientific community has left a voice of doubt.

But recently scientists have made new discoveries. It is said that scientists have found a huge palace on the sea floor of Okinawa, Japan. After inspection, the palace is tens of thousands of years old, which is at the same time as the Mayan civilization. In addition, scientists also found a product similar to “black technology”, which also proves that this civilization is not a simple “civilization” like Maya, but a civilization beyond the times.

Some people say that these relics may be undiscovered by prehistoric civilization. Of course, whether this relic belongs to prehistoric remains remains remains to be determined, and all remains to be verified. What do you think of it? Welcome to leave your opinion in the comment area!

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