The giant panda has strong fighting capacity. Why has it become the biggest threat to the wild giant panda?

The first impression of the giant panda is that it is cute. Now the giant panda is a national treasure, an endangered animal, and a national first-class protected animal. We can see the giant panda in the zoo. These giant pandas are very friendly to people, and they also play cute. Their simple and lovely appearance is very popular, especially by children.

But few people know how effective the giant panda is? Panda has a title in ancient times: Iron eater. According to the records handed down from some ancient texts, panda was a war beast in ancient times. It used to be Chiyou’s Mount, carrying Chiyou to fight all over the world. I believe many friends have seen the Kung Fu Panda cartoon, in which the fighting power of the panda is extraordinary.

What about the fighting power of giant pandas in real life? Giant panda is also a kind of bear. Its combat effectiveness ranks the fourth among bears. We know that the combat effectiveness of bear is very powerful. It can rank the fourth among bears. In fact, the combat effectiveness of giant panda is very strong. In the animal world, there are few people who can defeat giant panda alone.

However, the staff in Wolong Nature Reserve are very worried about the safety of giant pandas, because the ecological environment of Wolong Nature Reserve is getting better and better, and many predators have entered the reserve. When these animals walk in the reserve, they may encounter wild bears, cats and carnivores with territorial awareness, which may pose a threat to the survival of giant pandas.

Of course, the general animal giant panda is not afraid, but there is an animal that poses the greatest threat to giant panda. What animal is that? Some people may think it’s a lion or a tiger, but the answer is a wolf. It is estimated that many people will find it ridiculous that the fighting capacity of giant pandas is not comparable to that of wolves. How can wolves pose a threat to giant pandas?

If you fight alone, the wolf is not the opponent of the giant panda at all, but the wolf is a social animal. When they go out, they are all in a group. Although the individual fighting power of the giant panda is high, they are also afraid of meeting the wolves. Let alone the giant panda, even if they are like lions and tigers meet the wolves, they have to give up and dare not confront the wolves.

The adult giant panda is very big, with strong limbs, strong defense and high strength attributes. Leopards have to pretend to be grandchildren when they meet giant pandas. Their body is not as thick as the giant panda’s thighs, so they can’t beat them at all. In North America, it is sometimes seen that wolves hunt bears. Of course, several wolves can’t beat bears. Once a hunter saw a bear fight five wolves, and the bear finally won. Although the bear won this time, but in many Wolf Bear wars, the bear won and the number of times was not many, mainly because the number of wolves was large, from dozens to hundreds. Under the attack of the wolves, the bear became the wolf’s food in the end.

It is because of the social nature of wolves that the staff of Wolong Nature Reserve worry about the safety of giant pandas in the nature reserve. At present, the living range of wolves in Wolong Nature Reserve is only a very small part of that of wild pandas. According to research, many wild pandas in Wolong Nature Reserve are artificially released, and the return of their wild nature is incomplete. Some giant pandas are scared to fart and urine when they encounter a little wind and grass, and they have no combat effectiveness. Most of the wolves are foreign, and they are very aggressive. Moreover, giant pandas are short-sighted and can only see things within 5 meters. When giant pandas encounter wolves, they can only see wolves within 5 meters. This is not a safe distance.

As mentioned just now, the courage of giant panda hunting is very small, even the courage of wild giant panda is not big, which may also be the weakness of giant panda’s character. However, giant panda is also a survival ability: climbing trees, don’t look at the giant panda’s bloated body, but it is a tree climbing expert. The speed of climbing trees is very fast. Once encountering wolves, giant pandas can quickly climb trees, and the speed of climbing trees is very fast Wolves can’t climb trees, and they can only stare under them.

There may be many friends who want to sigh that the giant panda is really miserable. In ancient times, it was so powerful and powerful, but now it can only rely on cute performances to make a living. This may be related to the simple, honest and timid character of the giant panda. In this predatory ecological chain of the animal world, it’s impossible to have unity and a sense of ruthlessness. The reason why wolves can make tigers fear, Because they are united, the number of wolves has not decreased much.

Although tigers have strong individual strength, they are all Mavericks. Fortunately, tigers are brave and ruthless, and they are still the king of beasts. Giant pandas can’t do it. If they don’t unite, they will be defeated by the enemy. In addition, they are timid and not ruthless. The number of them is getting smaller and smaller. Fortunately, some people adopt them, protect them, perform shows for tourists every day, and have fun. Maybe this is also the life that giant pandas like. They live a happy life away from disputes.

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