The “giant statue” appeared in Australia, which is still controversial. Who left it?

In some parts of the earth, huge mysterious patterns often appear. In the Nasca desert of Peru, huge patterns appear, causing a heated discussion. Some netizens think that these patterns are actually marks left by aliens, while others think that they are special landforms formed by natural evolution. Because the scale and fineness of Nasca’s giant paintings are still very high, some people always feel that they have something to do with aliens. In fact, in addition to Peru, there have been huge figures in the south of Australia.

Giant figures in the desert

The huge figure is 4.2km long and can be seen in the vast desert even in the universe. In 1998, there was a pilot named trek Smith. When he was flying through the small town of Murray in Australia, he suddenly found a huge figure in the desert. As a matter of fact, trek Smith had passed through this desert many times, but there was no portrait before, so when he flew over the desert again, he was immediately shocked by the scene in front of him, even at a height of several thousand meters.

Soon this phenomenon spread to the local media and scientists. After scientists came here to explore, they found that the length of the portrait reached 4.2 kilometers, and the length of the lines drawn on the portrait reached 28 kilometers. This figure is really huge. The incident caused a lot of noise at that time. Many people thought that the giant figure was very similar to the Birdman in Egypt. But the media reported that the shape of this huge figure is very similar to that of the local aborigines. If we look at it carefully, we can see that he also has a long stick on his left hand.

How does the portrait appear?

A huge figure suddenly appeared in the vast desert. Local residents were also very curious. Even tourists from other cities came here to watch it. Some explorers and scholars also came here. They wanted to reveal how the figure was made and whether there were traces of human manufacturing around it? Although many scientists have come here to explore, there is no particularly effective discovery, so many conspiracy theorists have also proposed that this may be a sign left by aliens, and some netizens believe that this is actually drawn by prehistoric civilization.

Australia has long been separated from other continents and developed into an independent space. The land and environment of Australia are relatively pure. Scientists believe that this figure may have nothing to do with prehistoric civilization. They believe that this pattern should be made by human beings themselves. After this incident was reported by the news, many media received anonymous manuscripts. If we study these manuscripts carefully, we will find that the grammar used in the letters is different from the habits of Australian natives, which seems to be very similar to the habits of Americans. Therefore, some people speculate that the portrait may have something to do with the United States.

The depth of the huge figure is up to 30 cm. Although the local government hopes to preserve the huge figure, the strong wind in the desert is so strong that the pattern seems to be disappearing. I don’t know what you think of this huge figure?

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