The global spread of plastic particles, this “disaster”, human feces detected it!

The global spread of plastic particles, this “disaster”, human feces detected it!

Since the beginning of the 20th century, many new materials have emerged, including plastic. It is convenient for human life, low production cost, high plasticity, and very durable. Over time, it has become an indispensable item for every household. Plastic bags are used when shopping or taking out. It is invisible into our lives.

Defects of plastics in use

However, plastic has a fatal disadvantage, it is difficult to degrade, generally by burning or burying the way to remove it, but these ways of environmental pollution is quite large, burying way will lead to soil pollution, it can be seen that the emergence of plastic advantages and disadvantages, at present its disadvantages have gradually revealed. The most amazing thing is that scientists have detected plastic particles in human feces. Many people are shocked to hear that. What’s the matter? The global spread of plastic particles, this “disaster”, human feces detected it!

In 1906, when Baekeland’s brain hole opened, he added a kind of medicament to the resin, and the plastic appeared. At that time, it attracted great attention in the scientific community. It had the characteristics of high temperature resistance and stability. Now it is processed into a variety of things, thus stepping on the stage of history, in real life. There are many kinds of plastics that people come into contact with, such as mineral water bottles, plastic bags, plastic straws, and so on. They are almost highly respected. If there is no plastic now, maybe many people will not adapt to it. It is used in all walks of life. In addition, its price is low, and it is almost flawless.

At the beginning, humans only came up with a solution to plastic waste, that is, incineration. Although this method effectively degraded plastic, it produced a lot of toxic gases. Only when scientists attach importance to it will they know that it is too late. According to the relevant statistics, human beings discharge tens of millions of wastes every year. These plastic wastes cause great damage to the ecosystem. Whether in the sea or on land, plastic particles gradually infiltrate into the body of every living creature, and even human beings cannot escape.

Plastic has slowly penetrated into the human body

Once scientists have detected plastic molecules in all kinds of seafood. If people ingest them into the body, they will cause a large number of plastic particles in the body, which will seriously endanger health. Moreover, people use food packed in plastic bags every day. No wonder a large number of plastic particles are detected in feces. Although the existence of plastics has brought great convenience to human beings, human beings are being bitten by it. According to the current situation of human beings, if the plastic waste can not be reasonably solved, the future of human beings is worrying.

Scientists are trying to develop a new solution to solve the accumulation of plastic waste. The emergence of these hazards seems to be a warning to mankind. The time left is not long. The emergence of many disasters rings an alarm bell to mankind all the time. People usually litter and do not do a good job in garbage classification, which makes the earth full of holes. Now all this is also due to mankind. According to the current situation, how should we deal with it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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