The greatest invention of mankind is not any high technology, but the simplest rope! How dare you believe it?

Rope appeared tens of thousands of years ago. When people first began to use simple tools, grass or twisted twigs formed ropes. They were used to bind hunting wild animals, reinforce thatched cottages, tie the belt of straw skirt and so on. Later, it was the most primitive way to record events before the appearance of words – “tying rope to record events”. In China, characters usually echo with things. The word “rope” is beside the twisted silk, indicating that rope is composed of grass, hemp and silk. “Rope” in ancient Chinese also has the meaning of verb, which means restraint, binding and restriction. However, it is rarely used in modern Chinese. What we still know is “bring to justice”. From words alone, rope is actually very simple. However, if we relate it to our life and discuss the usage of rope, we have to say that rope is the greatest invention of human beings.

In the winter of 2004, archaeologist Katherine bard and his team discovered an artificially excavated cave in the environment of Coral fossils. Over the next seven years, archaeologists discovered seven more caves, all of which were part of an ancient port. This is likely to be the refuge and workshop of the ancient Egyptians around 1750 BC. There are many amazing artifacts here, among which the most amazing one is the rope. Here are more than 20 ropes made of papyrus. They are neatly placed there. After nearly 4000 years, they are still intact!

Rope is actually a very common tool, which is very easy to be ignored by us. In the book mariner marlinspeck, it is written that “rope may be the greatest invention of mankind”. A single strand of fiber may not be useful or strong, but it becomes very strong and useful when twisted into a strand of rope. Sewing clothes, binding and connecting objects, a rope actually has many uses, even a whole piece of cloth, you will find that it is woven by a tiny thread. Many people will ignore the existence of the rope, but when we want to find it, we will find that the rope is everywhere, everywhere.

It is impossible to prove when the winding and knotting of ropes were used by human beings, but it is absolutely certain that ropes are one of the oldest materials and tools used by human beings. At the beginning, humans used plants to weave ropes. Later, we found that early humans might use spider silk to fish or bandage wounds, and then humans could use animal hair and tissues to extract fibers, which is now widely used ropes. The rope is easy to rot, and few can survive completely. Except for museums, it’s hard for most of us to see those old ropes. Although it is not easy to preserve, flax fiber tens of thousands of years ago was also found, so it will be verified by people. So, the rope is absolutely the greatest invention of mankind!

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