The greenhouse effect is increasing rapidly. There may be no winter at the poles of the earth! Disaster is coming!

With the melting of Arctic glaciers and the high temperature of Antarctica exceeding 20 ℃, these dangers will follow!

The earth has been born for 4.6 billion years, but human beings have only existed on the earth for more than 4 million years. The development of modern Homo sapiens is particularly rapid. The consequence of development is harm to the earth. Human development is very prosperous, but in the process of human development, the damage to the earth is irreversible. Human beings rely too much on the earth’s resources and do not constantly exploit the earth’s resources, which means that resources are increasingly scarce, but also the ecological environment has deteriorated.

Under the condition of the continuous development of human beings, a lot of greenhouse gases have been produced and continuously discharged into the atmosphere, causing serious damage to the earth’s atmospheric environment and unprecedented severe test to the region. At present, the global temperature is rising due to the greenhouse effect, and the problem of global warming is also increasing. At the same time, global warming will also lead to the melting of glaciers and the rising of sea level. Global warming is also increasing. Climate warming will lead to the accelerated melting of glaciers, the rise of sea level and the occurrence of various natural disasters. The global warming has caused some chain reactions in the earth’s environment, making the earth fall into a vicious circle.

Scientific research has shown that the earth is getting hotter and hotter, and the temperature in Antarctica has also reached new highs. The latest monitoring shows that the temperature in Antarctica has actually exceeded 20 degrees Celsius. Antarctica is the lowest temperature in the world, about – 88 degrees below zero. Under the high temperature of more than 20 degrees Celsius, Antarctic glaciers are constantly melting, and the organisms living in the north and south poles are also facing a huge threat to their survival. The Arctic Ocean is also affected by global warming, and will usher in a summer without ice. Arctic glaciers will melt and flow into the sea, which will lead to a very flat rise.

According to scientific reports, the sea level of the earth has risen to about 12 to 14 meters. The rise of the earth’s sea level is not a good thing. Sea level rise will lead to inundation of coastal areas. This will lead to less and less land for human habitation. If these solutions can not be solved, then human beings will be swallowed up by the ocean one day.

Global warming will lead to drought in many parts of the world, and human beings will face severe challenges. Drought will reduce the yield of crops. The survival of human beings will face severe challenges, such as the shortage of food, disease and virus. Some scientists predict that in the next 50 years, there will be 5 billion people in the world suffering from drought and water shortage. Global warming brings more than that. Climate warming will cause the earth’s surface temperature to rise. People may not be able to travel in hot weather, which will seriously affect human life.

The greenhouse effect is related to the fate of mankind. The earth is the home of mankind. Only by protecting the earth can we protect the future of mankind.

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