The habitable planet outside the solar system is only 4 light years away from the earth. When can we go?

With the help of science and technology, human beings went out of the earth and began to explore the universe. It may not matter to ordinary people whether they can emigrate to other planets, but in the minds of scientists, the future of human beings lies in the universe. If human beings want to continue to develop and become a more powerful civilization, colonizing other planets is an inevitable way to go to the universe.

I believe many friends know that since mankind entered the industrial age, although the rapid development of science and technology has brought earth shaking changes to people’s lives and made a qualitative leap in human civilization, the rapid development of industry is also constantly destroying the earth’s ecological environment. More and more scientists are worried about the future of the earth’s ecology. Hawking also repeatedly warned mankind that the earth’s ecological environment may collapse completely within hundreds of years. At that time, the earth will no longer be suitable for human survival.

If the earth is no longer suitable for human existence, what shall we do? There is only one way to emigrate to the outer planet. For nearly half a century, the main goal of scientists actively exploring Mars is to transform it into a second livable planet and prepare a way for future human beings. But we all know that Mars is not a natural planet suitable for human survival.

In fact, there is no other natural habitable planet in the entire solar system except earth. We want to live on other planets, only through a variety of environmental transformation, but it is not easy to transform the environment of a planet and make it a livable planet like the earth.

If we can transform the environment of Venus and Mars to become the second earth and the third earth, then we can transform the earth. If this is the case, we will not be afraid that the earth’s ecology will collapse one day and it will not be suitable for human survival. Since we can’t make all kinds of perfect changes to the earth’s ecological environment, it’s even more difficult to make changes to Mars and Venus.

Even if we have such environmental modification technology in the future, a modified livable planet can not be compared with a natural livable planet. Therefore, the transformation of Mars is only a plan prepared by scientists, and the real goal of alien migration still needs to be beyond the vast solar system.

The galaxy where the solar system is located is the Milky way, which is a large galaxy with a diameter of 100000 light-years. It has hundreds of billions of stars, and there may be as many as trillions of earth like planets. Even if there is a very small probability of habitable planets, it is believed that the milky way will be able to meet the needs of human beings.

Of course, considering the factor of distance, it is impossible for us to choose the habitable planet which is very far away from the earth for the first group of alien immigrants to be realized in the future. For example, the most similar exoplanet discovered by scientists is Kepler 452b, which is too similar to the earth in all aspects. Scientists affectionately call it “cousin of the earth”.

But such a “cousin earth” is 4000 light-years away from us. Even if the spaceship flies at the speed of light, we need to sail for about 4000 years to reach it. This is obviously unrealistic. Even if one day we can fly at the speed of light, it will not take us 4000 years to immigrate to this planet, although it may be the most suitable planet for human survival.

The reason for this is that the environment of the universe is very complex. In the long interstellar voyage, there are too many unknowns that may threaten the human beings on the interstellar journey. And the number of humans on the immigration ship is certainly not a small number, so we have to consider more factors, and time is a very important factor. We may spend billions of years, hundreds of years on an interstellar voyage, but we can’t spend thousands of years on it.

Therefore, before the technology of superluminal flight is realized, the range of exoplanets that humans can choose is limited. So where is the nearest planet suitable for human habitation? At this time, scientists thought of a place, which is only 4 light-years away from the earth’s neighboring galaxies.

I believe that many friends are familiar with the galaxy of Bilin. In the science fiction “three bodies”, the alien civilization invading the earth came from here. And last year, a very popular science fiction film “wandering earth” in our country, the ultimate wandering target chosen by the earth is biling galaxy. Therefore, many people know about the biling galaxy from the science fiction works here, and think that there may be alien civilization here.

Is there an alien civilization in the real neighboring galaxy? Is there a habitable planet for human existence? As a matter of fact, the scientific community also has great differences on this issue. Some scientists believe that Bilin galaxy is a three-star system with three stars. There is no single star system like the solar system in such a galaxy. It is also unlikely that there will be intelligent civilization, let alone habitable planets suitable for human survival.

However, some scientists believe that the billing galaxy has discovered many mysterious phenomena through the observation of astronomical telescopes. It may really be an extraordinary galaxy, whether it’s an alien civilization or a livable planet suitable for human existence.

No matter what the situation of biling galaxy is, when human beings are really able to go, scientists will not miss the exploration of this galaxy. And the biling galaxy is only about 4 light-years away from us. As long as we can fly at sub light speed, we can go here to explore. At that time, we will be able to understand what is going on in the billiard galaxy.

As long as there is no powerful alien civilization in the biling galaxy and there are habitable planets suitable for human survival, then the first alien immigrant planet will fall here. What’s more, we don’t need to fly at the speed of light or beyond the speed of light to get here. We only need to achieve a qualitative improvement in our flight speed once again, and maybe we will be able to compare and lead the stars.

Seeing this, many people will ask: how long will it take to achieve this goal, and when will we be able to go to the biling Galaxy? As we have said above, as long as we realize the preliminary sub light speed flight, we can reach Bilin. To achieve this speed, we need a major breakthrough in energy, which may be the controllable nuclear fusion that scientists have been studying.

As long as we have achieved controllable nuclear fusion technology, we will be able to achieve nuclear fusion engine. At that time, the speed of the spacecraft may initially achieve sub light speed. The realization of controllable fusion is expected to be successful in 50 years and sub light speed in 100 years. And a hundred years is very short for human civilization.

If human genetic technology can make a major breakthrough in the next few decades, the average life expectancy of human beings will be greatly improved. Maybe many young people still hope to see that day. Maybe in our lifetime, there is also hope to visit the biling galaxy.

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