The harm is four times stronger than plastic. This kind of thing has penetrated into our life and is used every day!

In many people’s hearts, plastic is an invention that people love and hate. Our life has been infiltrated by plastic, and human beings can not get rid of the dependence on plastic. But it is a series of problems, plastic in a large number of garbage is very difficult to deal with, difficult to degrade in nature, with more and more plastic waste, the earth’s environment has also undergone tremendous changes.

Plastic pollution

Scientists have made statistics that if a piece of plastic is put on the ground, it will take hundreds of years to completely decompose. With more and more plastics, soil fertility has been affected by plastics, and land pollution is becoming more and more serious. In recent years, human beings have also realized the problem of plastic pollution, so various countries have also put forward various measures to control the use of plastic products However, in today’s environment, such efforts seem to be a drop in the bucket. Far from being eliminated, the harm of plastics is becoming more and more obvious.

Scientists have found micro plastics in the human body. Plastics are everywhere in our lives. Even in the far north and south poles, micro plastics have appeared. The biological chain is a circular process, and the ultimate victims are human beings themselves. Plastic pollution has not been solved. According to the latest research of scientists, there is still a kind of pollution in life The pollution level of glass is four times that of plastic. This is the well-known glass. Some people think that glass is more environmentally friendly than plastic. In fact, such a view is very one-sided.

Glass contamination

In fact, the pollution caused by glass is not in the process of abandonment, but in the process of production. Unlike plastics, the production process of glass needs silica sand and dolomite, which means that human beings have to carry out high-temperature smelting for it. Whether it is mining ore or smelting process, it is destined to have an impact on the earth’s environment.

In the process of mining, a large amount of powder will be produced, and these workers will also suffer from diseases of upper respiratory system. In the process of smelting, a large amount of carbon dioxide will be released. After these greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere, they will change the composition and structure, which is tantamount to accelerating the vicious circle of the greenhouse effect. If we can’t control the deterioration rate of the greenhouse effect, then in the future, glaciers will disappear, species will be on the verge of extinction, and human beings will face the test of life and death.

In today’s increasingly serious environmental pollution, we must unite and work together to protect the earth’s environment. We believe that everyone will start from every little thing, and the earth will be rejuvenated. We can live longer and create a higher and more brilliant civilization. I don’t know what you think?

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