The “heterosexual” creatures of 500 million years ago have been misunderstood repeatedly and come to a surprising conclusion

Up to now, there have been five mass extinctions on the earth. In these five mass extinctions, almost none of them survived and many of them died out. If modern people want to understand their life style and condition, they can only understand their shape by exploring fossils, and calculate their living environment and way by speculation.

There is a huge difference between the earth environment of the past and that of the present. Because of the different environment, all kinds of living creatures on the earth in the past are very different from those on the earth now, both in appearance and living habits. And the early environment of the earth gave birth to a lot of strange creatures, they just make modern people feel incredible in shape. For example, among prehistoric creatures, there is a kind of creature called grotesque insect. Its shape is very strange, and its abnormal shape makes scientists confused.

It was born about 530 million years ago and lived in the Cambrian period. It has the same properties as the same era of the European coastal scorpion. They all live in the vast sea. The earliest grotesque fossil was found in Canada. When scientists first discovered the fossil of this little thing, they were shocked by its strange appearance. A whole worm looks as if it is covered with symmetrical spines. Like a worm, it has a very slender neck and a pair of small one eye and mouth. Because the shape of this insect is very strange, so the title of “strange insect” was born, which means “strange daydream”.

However, like people playing hide and seek, for a long time, people didn’t know its true features. Because the grotesque insect fossils first discovered by Canadian scientists are only part of the whole body of the grotesque insect, that is to say, what has always been considered as the image of the grotesque insect is actually wrong. It was not until 1984 that Chinese scientists discovered a complete grotesque insect fossil in Yunnan that people really solved the mystery of grotesque insect form.

At first, scientists thought that these neat spines were the feet of the strange insect. On the contrary, they thought that the feet were the spines of the strange insect. The position of the head was actually the tail. The part of the tail was its mouth and a row of teeth. After the discovery of the mystery of strange insect modeling, scientists can not help but admire the magic of nature.

From the exploration of the mystery of the strange shape of the strange insect, we can see that the road of scientists’ exploration is repeated and long. Sometimes, in order to pursue the truth closer to reality, scientists have to deny the conclusion drawn in vain again and again, but only in this way can they obtain the final truth. The strangeness of the grotesque insects not only shows us the wonders of nature, but also provides scientists with an entry point to continue to study Cambrian organisms.

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