The high temperature in Antarctica breaks through 20 degrees! Will 1.5 trillion tons of glaciers melt and the ancient virus recover in 10000 years?

Fires in Australia have been raging for four consecutive months, burning more than 10 million hectares, causing 500 million animals to be burned alive, and even some animals to be nearly extinct. Local people are greatly affected by the fires. At first, when people thought that the fire would affect the residents near the volcano at most, we found that it was not so simple.

At the same time, it is found that the glaciers in the Himalayas of China are slowly melting. Not only that, but also there are large areas of green plants. We should know that green plants will only appear after the glaciers melt. It can be seen from this that the Australian fire has not only affected the local, but also the global, accelerating global warming.

Just as everyone was worried about it, there was another bad news. Bad things always followed. Experts in the Antarctic region said that this year, the Antarctic temperature directly broke through the highest value, reaching 20.75 degrees Celsius. For us, 20 ℃ is a very comfortable temperature, but for Antarctica, this is an unprecedented new record. The low temperature in this area all year round shows that sudden high temperature is very dangerous.

Many people are curious about the impact of 20 degree high temperature in Antarctica?. The Antarctic ice sheet formed about 23 million years ago, and its scale has reached 5 million years ago. However, as the temperature in Antarctica rises year by year, the ice layer is melting continuously, and the ancient viruses or bacteria “awaken” 10000 years ago, Australia has harmed the world this time, which is bound to be an unprecedented disaster for human beings.

At that time, it will directly threaten the existing organisms in Antarctica, because Antarctica is the place where they live. If it melts, they can only leave this home to look for similar habitats. Such migration behavior is extremely dangerous to the lives of organisms. Now many creatures have felt the threat and began to look around for new homes.

Because of the starvation of these creatures, they can only endure the lack of food. In addition to this impact, there is the most terrible release of ancient viruses or bacteria 10000 years ago. Antarctica is a place full of mystery. Up to now, most of the glaciers still remain mysterious. In addition, the region has not been wantonly damaged by human beings, and these secrets 10000 years ago have been preserved to this day.

These secrets are likely to contain ancient viruses or bacteria. If these glaciers continue to melt, one day these viruses will be released, which will bring great disaster to mankind. Such worries are not groundless. In fact, many scientists have studied other ancient glaciers before.

For example, in 2016, due to the rising temperature in Siberia, some permafrost in the region melted. After melting, a deer carcass infected with Bacillus anthracis robe decades ago was exposed, which directly led to the release and spread of Bacillus anthracis robe. Finally, Siberia was forced to kill more than 2000 deer animals and hundreds of people to be hospitalized for virus treatment.

In addition, scientists have also found a large virus in the permafrost 30000 years ago. After research, it is found that this virus is very complex, surpassing all the viruses that have been found so far. Even if it is frozen, it can still be transmitted to humans after melting. More than 300000 years old viruses have also been found in glaciers near the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in China. There are more than 20 unknown viruses. Although it is not clear whether these viruses will cause harm to human beings after their outbreak, the release of these viruses may be a warning from nature.

Today’s nature has been scarred by the wanton plunder and destruction of human beings. After the melting of these glaciers, sea level rise has accelerated, and some coastal cities are almost submerged. After that, the area suitable for human habitation will be greatly reduced, and the global climate will become cloudy and sunny. At that time, human beings may have to deal with the awakening or extinction of dozens of unknown viruses and ancient viruses Maybe it’s the nature’s wake-up call to mankind!

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