The highest decibel sound on the earth, the shock wave reverberates for 5 days, at least 3 circles around the earth!

The highest decibel sound on the earth, the shock wave reverberates for 5 days, at least 3 circles around the earth!

Looking up at the sky is a vast expanse of stars, containing countless secrets. In order to pursue these secrets, human beings have done everything they can, but what they know is only skin deep, and the universe is beyond imagination. If it were not for the support of high technology, maybe human beings would not be able to approach the universe so quickly. There have been many strange cases in the history, which are difficult to understand.

In 1883, the sky was clear, there were white clouds in the sky, there was no sign of thunder and rain, but suddenly there was a huge roar, deafening. The local residents were directly frightened. If they listened to the sounds more like cannons, they guessed that it might be the army or navy that was conducting exercises on the ground. However, at that time, the crew in the Pacific Ocean also heard this huge roar. They immediately became nervous. After a period of time, they did not find anything unusual. They relaxed their vigilance again. Later, they learned that the sound came from the volcano of krakato island. The highest decibel sound on the earth, the shock wave reverberates for 5 days, at least 3 circles around the earth!

What was the impact of that explosion?

In May, the volcano here began to be active. At first, the scale of the eruption was small. Later, the scale became larger and larger. The volcanic ash directly rushed to the altitude of 10 kilometers. This intermittent eruption became more and more violent. The volcanic island covers an area of about 75 square kilometers, but its altitude is more than 800 meters. Its power is extraordinary, and it can make the volcanic island flatten instantly.

At that time, scientists estimated that the energy released by this volcanic eruption was equivalent to 200 million tons of TNT, which was more terrible than the atomic bomb. Countless people died in this disaster. The volcanic ash spread rapidly around the world, and even the global average temperature had obvious signs of decline, which was also the loudest sound heard by people. At that time, people 4800 miles away heard a huge roar. They thought there was an accident in the surrounding area, but they never thought it was caused by volcanic activity. The volume of the explosion reached 310 decibels.

The loudest voice in history

Once upon a time, the loudest sound mankind heard was the atomic bomb. Its sound was no less than that of the atomic bomb, and it was even more powerful than the lion roar. We all know that the generation of sound needs the vibration of sound source, and air is the medium of sound transmission. If the sound source vibrates, the surrounding air will be compressed, and finally the sound will be transmitted directly with a kind of energy, which is the power of the explosion of nature and the loudest sound that human beings have heard since ancient times.

In that volcanic eruption, there was a super strong shock wave, which is hard for human to feel, but its change is very regular. It has been around the earth for 3 to 4 times, and its power is extraordinary. This is not an ordinary volcanic eruption, and it has left a deep impression on human beings. Now in retrospect, it’s frightening. It’s very hard for anyone to bear the sudden loud noise of a clear sky. What do you think of the sound of the eruption in 1883? You can leave a message for interaction.

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