The huge Maya masks unearthed in Mexico have peculiar features. Are the Maya from outer space?

There are so many mysteries in the development of Maya civilization that scientists have been waiting for us to solve. Although they were born in the Neolithic age, they have profound attainments in the field of astronomy and mathematics, and even made predictions about the future of the earth. It is shocking that some predictions have been realized.


Although the Mayans did not make bronzes or use iron, they used their own ability to create highly developed urban civilization. Through the current Mayan sites, we can see how high the Mayans’ construction ability was. They used the Taiyi calculation method to calculate the year of Venus, and predicted many world events. They believed that it was not the end of the year In recent years, two world wars will break out on the earth. With the improvement of science and technology, human beings will also make aircraft and other aircraft. In our opinion, these predictions of the Mayans have been realized, and many people have to admire their superb wisdom.

In fact, they are really known by the public as the doomsday prophecy of 2012, which caused a great sensation at that time. Now it is 2021, and this prophecy has not come true. Therefore, there are many people who think that the Mayan people’s prophecy also suffered from the Waterloo of life. In fact, although they predicted the end of the world, they did not mention which year. Maybe in the Mayan culture, their end of the world is not the same concept as what we think. Maybe December 21 is a special day for the Mayan people, which may mean the end of mankind The beginning of a new era of civilization.

Giant mask

In addition, scientists have made many important discoveries in Mayan ruins. In Yucatan, Mexico, scientists have discovered a huge Mayan mask, which is as high as an adult. Why did they build such a huge mask? In order to solve this secret, scientists have been repairing it for a long time. According to the Mayan culture, this mask is probably related to the gods at that time. The reason for this view is that the facial features of this mask are too special.

Until now, the Mayans still have many secrets waiting to be solved by human beings. In the social environment at that time, they used themselves to create a brilliant reputation. However, it was not long before the Maya suddenly fell to the altar and disappeared on the earth. Although we have been doing research, it is still unclear why the Mayans disappeared.

Some people think that at that time, there was no science and technology on the earth at all, but the Maya people were able to create a brilliant civilization, which only shows one problem, that is, they are not earth people, but advanced life from outer space, they may not disappear, but return to their original planet. Naturally, there is no basis for such a statement, but we can’t deny it completely. After all, in the universe, human beings are always small. I don’t know what people think?

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