The human brain is like a shrinking universe. They are surprisingly similar. The conclusion of scientists is amazing!

There are all kinds of strange things in the world, which is often said by people. It can also be used in the universe. After all, there are abundant materials and vast areas in the universe. How big is the universe?

Now no one can give a definite answer, and human beings can’t imagine it. The universe that human beings are able to explore at present is just a little bit of skin. It goes back to the structure of human beings, such as the human brain. Human beings also know very little about it. Besides the general structure of human brain, the number of nerves in it is also incalculable to human beings. This is like the universe and stars.

The nervous system is like a star. It has a large number, a wide range of existence and a dense distribution. Even if it takes a lot of scientists’ life to study it, they may not be able to fully understand it. It is said that there is a special connection between human beings and the universe. Is this true or false?

A strong proof of the connection between human brain and universe

In 2010, the scientist once claimed that the structure of the universe is very similar to that of the brain. When the scientist simulated the formation of the universe, he found that there are various network structures in the universe, such as the neural network in the brain and the popular Internet social network At the same time, the process of the universe forming these network structures is also similar to other networks. In the process of network formation, the changes of natural dynamics, such as the expansion of the universe, the transmission of neural signals, and the expansion of social networks, are all governed by the same laws that scientists call. So far, researchers can’t explain what kind of rules this is Law.

The correctness of the similarity between human brain and universe

In fact, this amazing idea was never put forward by chance, nor was it only studied by one person. According to historical records, ancient Indian Buddhism put forward the idea of “three thousand worlds in a grain of sand” very early. What does that mean?

In fact, a grain of sand itself contains a complete world, so there are so many sands in the world, is there really so many worlds? If, from a scientific macroscopic point of view, the smallest particle known by human beings is quark, then there must be smaller things under quark that can form quark. What about the structure of these things? What kind of connection do they have? Aren’t these smaller examples of quarks a real world? Is the world like the human world? At present, there is no correct explanation for these problems, but we know that if there is such a theory, it does not mean that such a theory is wrong.

The concept of holography

At this time, another concept should be introduced, which is called holography. According to physicists, holography is an object. No matter how small it is cut, no matter how small it is, human beings can understand part of it, and thus understand all of it, because the complete structure and basic structure of the object are the same, which can be explained by the relationship between the core theory and the universe, It means that every part of the universe is called the universe. These parts contain all the information of the universe. At the same time, they have similar structure and change process with the universe.

If scientists’ prediction and conjecture are correct, which part of the Holographic Universe is our universe? Is our universe also like sand? Which grain of sand are we? If this is true, there will certainly be advanced civilizations outside the earth. Are these lives human beings like us? Could it be Sumerian, Mayan? Are they stepping on our universe as if they were looking at the sand?

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