The human world consumes a lot of QR code every day. When can it be used up?

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With the continuous progress of human civilization, people’s way of life is also constantly changing, and the continuous update of advanced technology, so that people’s living standards and quality are also constantly improving, take the current payment method for example, people shopping payment, the use of traditional cash payment has been less and less, more and more people began to use digital payment. China’s central bank is also actively studying digital currency, and it is believed that it will be online soon.

It is a great progress of human science and technology, and it is also a great progress of human civilization. When we pay with virtual currency, we often use a tool, which is QR code. For the two-dimensional code, I believe we are very familiar with, now people’s daily life, you can see the figure of the two-dimensional code everywhere.

According to incomplete statistics, at present, the world consumes tens of billions of two-dimensional codes every day. Some people worry that the two-dimensional codes may be consumed soon, and there will be no codes available at that time. Is that really the case? From a scientific point of view, there is no infinite view of anything. Naturally, the number of two-dimensional codes can not be infinite. It must have a limit.

Once the number reaches the limit, the QR code will be useless, so when can the QR code be used up? The answer could be subversive. Many people use QR code every day, but they don’t know the origin of it. In fact, two-dimensional code is developed from one-dimensional code. I believe many people know the bar code in the past.

Bar code, also known as one-dimensional code, has been widely used by businesses for a long time in the past. But the capacity of one-dimensional code is limited, it can only store very few characters. With the rapid development of science and technology, one-dimensional code has been unable to meet the needs of human beings. So at this time, two-dimensional code appeared. It was originally invented by a Japanese programmer named tenghongyuan.

The information storage of two-dimensional code is 250 times that of one-dimensional code, and it can not only store text information, but also store images, Web links and other information. It has the advantages of high coding density, large amount of information, high reliability and wide coding range. At the same time, two-dimensional code can also be added with security measures. For example, some two-dimensional codes can only be scanned with special equipment, and can be scanned with other equipment There will be a lot of garbled code.

The principle of two-dimensional code is very simple, its basis is binary, and it is composed of basic 0 and 1. We can see that the two-dimensional code consists of only two representative black and white squares, in which the white square represents 0 and the black square represents 1. What a huge system can two-dimensional code represent? We can simply think of the QR code as n * n bits, representing the number of horizontal and vertical lines, for example, 3 * 3.

Every point has two kinds of changes, black and white. As a result, a 3 * 3 two-dimensional code can be up to the 9th power of 2, which is 512. If it is not enough, it will be added to 4 * 4 or even higher. However, we usually use a 37 * 37 lattice, which can generate 37×37-49×3 = 1222 lattices. Because each lattice only represents 0 or 1, there are 2 ^ 1222 permutations and combinations. That is to say, a 37 * 37 two-dimensional code lattice can generate 2 ^ 1222 two-dimensional codes.

Maybe many people don’t know how huge this number is. Let’s make a comparison with the population of the world. At present, the population of the world is about 7.7 billion. If you want to use up all the QR codes, each person needs to use up 10 ^ (292), and there is a very large surplus. According to scientists’ calculation, the number of particles in the whole universe is about 3.28 × 10 ^ 80, and the two-dimensional code is more than all the particles in the whole universe.

Moreover, QR code is not only in the form of 37 * 37. If it can’t meet the needs of human beings, we can use more than 40 specifications, such as 40 * 40, 21 * 21, etc. It can be seen that at the speed of human development, it will take a very long time to use up these two-dimensional codes. And technology is constantly moving forward. It seems impossible for QR code to survive forever.

In the future, there will be more advanced technology in human civilization. At that time, it is necessary for new technology to replace two-dimensional code. Of course, this can not be achieved in a few years, at least it will take decades. Therefore, in the coming decades, two-dimensional code will become a trend of the times, will be more and more common, more and more people recognize and use.

As a way of payment, QR code is just one of its applications. In fact, two-dimensional code is very useful, a lot of important information can be stored in the two-dimensional code, and then the information can be extracted by scanning the code. In order to get information from the QR code, we must have a code scanning tool. Generally speaking, we scan the code through the mobile phone.

So, when we walk into the mall, we can see many people scanning the QR code with their mobile phones, and then complete the payment of goods. From this point of view, the birth of two-dimensional code also enhanced the rapid development of the mobile phone industry. Maybe someone will say, what else can be the connection between the two? In fact, they have a big connection. Now people can go out without cash or daily necessities, but they can’t forget their mobile phones.

Once the mobile phone is forgotten, communication will be affected next, and more importantly, it is still unable to carry out various code scanning payments. Therefore, before the emergence of two-dimensional code, the use of mobile phones in the world is far less than it is now. In the past, people used mobile phones mainly to make phone calls and browse some videos. But now, almost all people have mobile phones. Apart from the fact that mobile phones are getting cheaper and cheaper, the most important thing is to be able to scan the code for payment.

If the mobile phone does not have this function, it is estimated that the sales will be greatly reduced. There is also a phenomenon, that is, in the past, the elderly machine was quite popular. Many elderly people like to have the elderly machine, which is convenient to contact their families. But now the old people have basically bought smart phones. One of the important reasons for this change is that the old people can’t scan the QR code for payment.

Now is the era of two-dimensional code, if your mobile phone can not scan the code to pay, it may be difficult to go to the supermarket to buy a dish. We should know that many supermarkets pay less and less in cash, and basically use code scanning payment, which is convenient and fast, and will not receive counterfeit money or change the wrong money. And with the advent of the era of digital currency, the application of two-dimensional code will be more and more in the future. Our life has been inseparable from the QR code, of course, we do not have to worry about it will run out one day, it is a long time.

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