The husband prayed for water to drink and frightened the villagers. The autopsy man: no heartbeat

In Teng County, Wuzhou, Guangxi, there is a very strange phenomenon. A wife heard her husband’s voice in the coffin, so she went to the village people, lifted her husband out of the coffin, opened the lid of the coffin, and saw that her husband was alive, not only alive, but also wanted to drink boiled water, but there was no boiled water around at that time, so she went to work We can only give him a few mouthfuls of tea, and then they all work together to lift him home. Let’s not say what happened to the family. Just from this narrative, we can know that the man was judged dead, but he made a sound in the coffin, which can be said to be a strange performance of folklore.

Hearing this news, the whole village is like frying a pot. Isn’t it a kind of deceiving corpse? After all, he is already a dead man. He can be regarded as living in peace, but how can he live? So the people in the village are more uneasy. They are all dead. Can they be revived?

So the reporter arrived at the scene after hearing the news. He found that the man was lying in the old room, and things never came from nothing. All the relatives of this man. All of them have confirmed his death. After all, there is no breathing and his heart has stopped beating. Besides, his hands and feet are cold and his whole body is stiff. Everyone agrees that we should hurry to do a funeral for him, and invite a mage for him to pass the funeral according to their local habits.

And this man used to be in very good health, and he was a labor force. He was very strong. But after he got this disease, he broke down. His wife and daughter went out to work, and only your mother was left to take care of him. His mother didn’t know why his skin and feet had been ulcerated in just one month a look.

After the man woke up, he was finally taken to the largest hospital in the city. Then the doctor’s results really surprised them. It turned out that the man had diabetes, and one of the important characteristics of diabetes was foot ulceration.

But at that time, the autopsy person didn’t know. After all, the people in their village only judged according to experience, and the autopsy person confirmed that the man didn’t have a heartbeat.

Professional doctors explained that it’s very easy to understand the situation. It’s just that it’s impossible for a person not to breathe for more than 6 minutes. In fact, it’s brain death, but it’s also necessary to rule out some things that he can’t detect. For example, without professional training, he may touch the wrong position, such as the position of the pulse and the largest blood vessel, and some don’t know at all Where is it? The so-called autopsy man in this village only judged that he was dead according to whether he could wake the man up and he felt that his palm was slightly cold.

The doctor really explained that the man was not dead at all at that time. He was just in a deep coma and had no sense of the reaction of the outside world. He had to use some mysterious words to say that he was actually feigning death. After all, the scientific explanation is that if the patient’s blood sugar is very high, he will be in a hyperosmotic dehydration state or a hyperosmotic coma state. Their so-called request for the master’s transcendence is not due to the return of the undead. These are nonsense.

Fortunately, when the man was buried in the coffin, he heard the voice of the outside world, so he called for help, and finally he was saved. This is also lucky in the misfortune. Therefore, now we must not believe in the so-called medicine for all kinds of diseases, nor the judgment of some quacks outside the hospital. Only regular hospitals can effectively treat all kinds of human diseases.

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