The inborn ability makes it immortal, and the more the fire burns, the more severe the propagation

There are all kinds of animals living in the forest, and these animals should be very alert to fire, because once the fire appears in the forest, it is a series of chain reactions, which is a fatal disaster for organisms. There are many creatures living in forests all over the world. In recent years, the quality of the global environment is declining, and the climate is also changing, which has caused significant changes to biodiversity. Many organisms have been in the state of extinction. The organisms that used to be seen often are now invisible, and the living environment of organisms is in a serious decline.

It can be said that fires occur frequently in the United States, including the wildfire we learned about last time in the United States. This fire has continued to several continents in the United States. It can be said that this fire has caused a lot of damage to organisms. Even if there is no extinction, there must be a lot of damage. But in this fire, there is a kind of creature that can resist the fire. Scientists can’t believe that the fire doesn’t do any harm to them. It’s just a rare creature.

An American scientist said that the beetles in the fire gave us a surprising result. Instead of reducing the number of beetles, they made them stronger. Large scale reproduction occurred. The more the fire burned, the stronger the vitality was? It should be said that this situation rarely occurs in biological species, or there is no such species at all, and the number of them is more than that after the fire, which is unexpected by scientists.

U.S. bioscientists still don’t understand how beetles return to their nests after burns, and how the areas where burns occur affect another crazy reproduction. After months of scientific research, we have not found the changes of beetles before and after fire. Maybe they are born with the ability to resist fire? There have never been such animals in the history of biology. At least I haven’t seen such animals today.

After the fire broke out in the United States, scientific investigators conducted a follow-up study on beetles and found that the number of beetles in the burning area is indeed increasing. It can be said that the ecological balance of the area has been seriously damaged, and the fire is also one aspect of destroying the ecological balance. Scientists have yet to consider the undead’s impact on humans, but the beetle has proved that it can be applied to other rare species that are prone to fire.

If we look at it from a large perspective, biology will certainly have an impact on human life. Even if it is a small creature, one of the ecological chains will also change. Just like human life, if there are no animals, the biosphere will also be affected. The biosphere is a changeable world, and the biological chain connects life on the earth. Small organisms are not very common, but if something goes wrong, it will change a lot. In fact, there is a good example. Isn’t climate change affecting us bit by bit? Today, climate change is the result of many years.

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