The Indian probe was able to reach Mars successfully. Why didn’t it achieve a soft landing on the moon?

On October 4, 1957, after continuous scientific and technological efforts, mankind finally put the first man-made satellite into space. This time marks that human beings have finally got rid of the shackles of the earth and can initially enter space to explore the mysteries of the universe.

Later, the development of space science and technology became faster and faster. It not only realized the manned landing on the moon, but also started the exploration of Mars and other planets. Since mankind went out from the earth, everyone knows that the future competition of mankind is in space, and the future of mankind is also in space.

The universe is vast. Apart from countless mysteries, it is also an endless treasure house. We all know that the survival and development of human civilization is inseparable from resources, but the earth’s resources are limited. It will not be long before the earth’s resources will be exhausted. At that time, if human want to obtain rich resources, they can only go to space to exploit.

All countries in the world know the importance of developing space science and technology. Whoever starts space exploration first will have an advantage in the future space race. Although the ideal is very good, space science and technology is a big business, which needs not only enthusiasm, but also strong scientific and technological support.

As we all know, the United States is the most powerful country in the field of space in the world, followed by Russia, both of which are the first countries to explore space. In addition to these two space powers, other countries are also making great efforts to develop space science and technology, among which China and India are the most diligent.

China is a country with a large population. Although the development of space science and technology is relatively late, the speed of development is amazing. It took us decades to realize the space science and technology that the United States spent a hundred years to realize. Now China has completed several missions to the moon, and the space station is also under rapid construction. This year, China will carry out two major space projects, one is the launch of chang’e-5, the other is the Mars exploration mission.

Apart from the rapid development of China’s Aerospace Science and technology, India, an ancient country, is not willing to lag behind. Many people may know that India is one of the four ancient civilizations with a very long history. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, India’s population is second only to China, its economy is relatively backward, and its science and technology should not be particularly strong.

But in fact, India’s scientific and technological strength is not weak. Yes, India is indeed a relatively poor country. We often see on the Internet that the life of Indian people is very hard and the population is very large. If you want to ask which country’s population will surpass that of China in the future, I believe many people will answer that it is India.

Yes, according to the research of scientists, the world’s most populous country in the future may no longer belong to China, but to India. The reason is very simple. India is a country with prosperous religion, and it can’t implement effective family planning like China. Therefore, people are trying their best to live a better life with more people and more labor force. This is similar to the situation in the period of the liberation of our country. A large family has an advantage.

Although India’s economy is not good, its scientific and technological strength is not weak, especially in the field of aerospace. India’s development is very rapid in recent years. I believe many people know that last year India launched the lunar rover 2 to the moon. Its goal is to land on the moon for exploration and research. However, in the process of landing on the moon, it failed and crashed on the surface of the moon.

After the moon ship 2 failed to land on the moon, many people asked this question: Why did the Indian probe fail to achieve a soft landing on the moon? People who pay more attention to space exploration should know that in 2013, ISRO launched the mangalyaan Mars Orbiter. About 10 months later, the probe successfully entered Mars orbit. This is the fourth country to successfully explore Mars after the United States, Russia and Europe, and also the first country to successfully explore Mars at one time.

India’s probe can span hundreds of millions of kilometers and successfully reach the orbit of Mars, which shows that India’s space capability is relatively strong. With such a strong space capability, why didn’t moonboat 2 successfully land on the moon? Is it more difficult to explore the moon than Mars? I believe many people know that the moon is a satellite of the earth, which is very close to us. It only takes about a week for the probe to reach the moon.

In fact, it is not difficult to solve this mystery. First of all, the Mars probe launched by India is just an orbital probe, and it did not land on Mars. It’s a two-level technology for a rover to arrive on Mars and land on Mars, and their difficulties are not comparable. Many countries can do it when the probe enters Mars orbit, but it is very difficult to successfully land on Mars.

According to the situation of landing on Mars around the world, it is found that the success rate of the probe landing on Mars is about 40%, among which NASA has the highest success rate, and only one of the seven landings failed. Moreover, in 2013, India’s Mars probe was able to successfully enter the Mars orbit with the help of NASA. When the probe enters the Mars orbit, NASA’s global deep space network (DSN) is needed for measurement and control, which ensures the communication between the ground control center and the probe.

Without the help of NASA’s deep space communication, India’s Mars probe would not have been able to successfully enter orbit, and eventually it would have lost contact and crashed on Mars. Of course, communication between the earth and the moon, as long as it does not go to the back, can be easily achieved with India’s scientific and technological strength. The reason why the probe failed to land on the moon last year may be related to the abnormal orbit control engine.

From this point of view, although India’s space capability has made great progress, it is still far from the world’s leading position and cannot be compared with China’s space technology. You know, although China did not explore Mars before India, we have made great achievements in lunar exploration. The soft landing on the moon in a few days has been very successful, and China has also realized the landing on the back of the moon for the first time.

China’s space technology has developed more steadily, and we should not do anything to help. Only by steadily and solidly developing space technology can the failure rate be reduced and the success rate be improved. You know, space exploration is not like exploration on earth. Once there is a fault, it will be a disaster. If there is a problem in earth exploration, we can go to rescue in time.

But if there is a problem on the moon or Mars, we have no time to rescue. Take the astronauts landing on the moon for example. Once the spacecraft fails and is trapped on the moon, the possibility of successful rescue is very small. Although the moon is very close to us, it will take at least a month to send a spacecraft to the moon for legal aid, from preparation to reaching the moon. For a month, the astronauts couldn’t hold on to the moon at all.

Therefore, space exploration is a very dangerous task, which can not tolerate any mistakes. Our country first explored the moon for continuous testing, and then launched a probe to the more distant Mars. This year will also be the beginning of China’s first exploration of Mars. We will launch a comprehensive Mars probe to realize Mars orbit exploration and Mars landing exploration at one time. This is also the first time for mankind.

It can be seen that China’s space technology has been in the forefront of the world. Although there is still some gap with NASA, as time goes on, this gap will become smaller and smaller. It is possible that in a few decades, China will become the most powerful Aerospace Power in the world. We are looking forward to that day.

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