The international space station has a lot of red wine, and astronauts need to drink a pot? Scientist: another use!

When the ancients looked up at the sky, they also dreamed of going to the universe one day. From that time on, human beings seemed to have an indissoluble bond with the universe. Since we entered the era of science and technology, with the help of advanced aircraft and rockets, we can also carry out space exploration. The international space station is the foundation of human exploration of the universe. Astronauts can carry out space research here, and cooperate with other countries to promote the prosperity and development of human space industry.

The construction cost of the international space station is still very high, which is the common effort of all countries, so the maintenance of the international space station is also the responsibility of each country. The space station needs supplies. The United States recently launched a new type of spacecraft, which can transport scientific research equipment and supplies to the international space station. In a month, the spacecraft will bring some items back to earth. Many people may be curious about the materials transported. In fact, in addition to scientific research equipment and daily necessities for astronauts, one thing has attracted everyone’s attention. Red wine appears in the materials. Do astronauts want to drink a pot in space?

Red wine in the International Space Station

Some people think that astronauts are bright on the surface, but in fact they face many dangers. They have to endure weightlessness in the international space station, so they choose to drink some red wine to relax. But from a scientific point of view, such a practice is not worth advocating. After all, the environment in space is very bad. If you drink in space rashly, there will be problems in your work and health. These wines are not for astronauts, but for a special study.

Who is red wine for?

This research has been started in the winter of 2019. As we all know, the universe is weightless. Scientists send red wine into the universe to prove whether new chemical reactions can be produced in such weightless environment. This idea seems very advanced, so it has attracted a lot of attention. The research has been under way for less than a year, but the red wine that goes into space is naturally much more noble than other red wines on earth. In fact, in the process of studying red wine, people have made a lot of important discoveries. Pasteur disinfection method is based on the study of red wine, which provides a new guarantee for human food safety.

In addition to space wine, many countries also choose to cultivate space vegetables. If grape seeds or vegetable seeds are sent to space, the cultivated vegetables will be larger and more nutritious than ordinary vegetables. At present, human beings have bred many kinds of space vegetables, especially China is in the leading position in the research of space vegetables, and the development prospect of space vegetables is still very good.

Although the process of exploring the universe is very long, human beings can add their own ideas to the process of space exploration. Just like space wine, different chemical reactions may occur in different environments. This is not a bad thing for human beings. I don’t know what people think?

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