The introduction of “ice burial” technology in China has been tried out in Wuhan, and the green funeral method is controversial!

After human death, people pay attention to returning to their roots. In many countries, burial is still practiced. Although this kind of funeral has been popular for a long time, it is not a good way in terms of the earth’s environment. Human remains remain in the soil all the year round, which will breed bacteria and pollute the soil. Therefore, some countries have begun to implement green funeral methods. For example, the emerging ice burial is a more environmentally friendly way, and China’s Wuhan also began to introduce it.

What is ice burial?

Cremation is one of the most familiar funeral methods. Compared with cremation, ice burial is not only more scientific but also more environmentally friendly. After human death, the staff will first put the remains into the freezer for freezing. After treatment with minus 196 degree liquid nitrogen, the remains will turn into ice. The staff will then crush the remains and extract the ashes. In fact, people’s ideas have been greatly emancipated now. Although they still believe in the way of burial in some areas, they think that this is the root of human beings, but according to environmental protection, ice burial does have too many advantages.


In fact, ice burial is quite popular in foreign countries. For example, Eskimos in North America use the method of funeral for generations. The climate there is always cold. Even if a drop of hot water is poured out on the ground, it will immediately form ice, which means that their lifestyle is quite different from ours. If the local old people know that they will die soon, they will prepare a piece of animal skin, they will enter the ice cave, and their children will quickly seal the hole. Five days later, when the old man dies, he will become an ice cube.

Ice burial causes controversy

It’s cruel for us, but it’s a tradition for Eskimos. Some time ago, China’s Wuhan also introduced the ice burial method, which caused a lot of hot discussion among netizens. Although many young people applauded and thought it was an environmental protection method, it was still unacceptable in the hearts of some elderly people.

At present, Wuhan has become the first city to introduce ice burial in China, and many people are waiting for the effect of trial implementation. Ice burial has many advantages, but the cost is relatively high. It’s like liquid nitrogen, land, electricity and fuel, so some people think that ice burials may be broken to pieces, while Earth burials are the real roots.

Strictly speaking, although ice burial is novel, it is still unacceptable to many people. Some people flinch when they see the high price. Ice burial fees are too expensive. Maybe they can’t even afford to die. What do you think?

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