The Inuit discovered the sky vision, the earth position shift, the Mayan prophecy to come true?

The development of science is accompanied by controversy. Although our life has ushered in great convenience, the ecological environment of the earth is facing a severe situation. Strictly speaking, over the years, due to the development of human science and technology, the ecological environment has been facing a state of imbalance. Nowadays, the global temperature is gradually rising, although various countries have formulated relevant policies, the greenhouse effect has become an indelible situation.

Many people say that 2020 is an extraordinary year. The Yellow River in East Africa is burning continuously in Australia, and the high temperature of 38 degrees in the Arctic Circle is not a good omen for the earth. According to the findings of scientists, the ancient viruses hidden under the glaciers in the Arctic have already recovered. Originally, after the fire in Australia entered this year, it was extinguished due to a heavy rainfall. Unexpectedly, some time ago, due to the continuous rise of temperature in Australia, forest and mountain fires followed. So many people think that the extraordinary year 2020 may be the precursor of the end of the world. Is it true that the Maya prediction will come true?

What did the Inuit find?

The Inuit people living in extremely cold regions once discovered a phenomenon. At that time, they observed the position of the sun rising and found that the position of the earth had changed. They believe that the endless high temperature in the north and south poles is actually due to the change of the earth’s position, so that the movement of temperature and wind will also be affected, and the north and south poles will have higher and higher temperatures. And this phenomenon is not a good omen. They think that if the earth’s position shifts, it will have a great impact on the earth’s environment.

Although the Inuit have been living in high latitudes for a long time, and they are good at observing the earth, we can’t completely believe them just by their one-sided words. Although they think that after the change of the earth’s position, the earth’s environment will face a state of imbalance, and the order of human civilization will also be impacted. At that time, maybe the Maya’s prediction will really come true, but scientists believe that such a statement is absolute.

The position of the earth and the sun needs a long time of precise exploration, and the scientific community has not yet said the right thing. We can not make a false conclusion just by the one-sided words of the Inuit. However, scientists have also warned mankind that although the Maya prediction does not have to be realized, the earth’s environment has undergone serious changes. If we continue to destroy the environment, maybe the end of the world will come true It will come.

Therefore, the protection of the natural environment should be urgent. We must restrict our own behavior. Only when the earth’s environment is restored, can human civilization last longer and longer. I don’t know what you think?

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