The invention of inflatable doll island? In fact, the five major inventions, including silk stockings, all originated in Europe and America during World War II

You may not believe that silk stockings and inflatable dolls were invented for war during World War II!? Of course, when we talk about World War II, the first thing we think about is penicillin, the atomic bomb, and radar, the “three great inventions of World War II”. But today’s Xiaobian is not talking about these.

1. Nylon

Nylon is the first synthetic fiber invented in the world. Because of its excellent strength and wear resistance, it was first used in parachute, aircraft tire cord, military uniform, tent, rope, etc. during World War II, and even used in printing American currency. However, after the Second World War, nylon developed rapidly, and appeared in various forms, such as silk stockings, clothes, carpets, ropes, and so on. Even when silk stockings were just invented, they were sold out immediately. They not only sold well in the United States, but also swept the world.

2. Sunglasses

The original Sunglasses only served the air force. Because the air force needed to work at height, it was often dazzled by the hot sun. So there was a pilot who, after a long-distance flight, found the noted glasses manufacturer boslon and invented the world’s first sunglasses for him. In 1937, sunglasses were not only widely equipped in the army, but also widely used by the people.

3. Microwave oven

When it comes to microwave ovens, you must think that they are the products of modern science and technology, but in fact, microwave ovens had their rudiments as early as World War II. As mentioned above, there was such a great invention as radar during World War II. In a radar experiment, the staff inadvertently found that the chocolate in their mouth was melted. This subtle phenomenon attracted a lot of people’s attention, so some curious friends placed some corn kernels at the radar mouth, and as a result, these corn kernels became popcorn one by one. So the workers who discovered this phenomenon found a radar manufacturer and built a “stove” with them to heat food, which was the prototype of the microwave oven during World War II.

4. Fanta drinks

You may not know that the road of Fenda’s invention is like this: before World War II, the relationship between Germany and the United States was fairly good, so the United States set up a Coca Cola branch in Germany. However, because of World War II, the United States withdrew all the technicians from the Coca Cola factory in Germany, so the beverage industry in Germany was empty.

Later, because everyone missed Coca Cola so much, some local employees of Coca Cola factory used some of the remaining raw materials to carry out research, and Fanta was born.

5. Inflatable doll

In fact, you must not know this: during World War II, Japan had comfort women, while Germany… They had inflatable dolls. In September 1941, the first inflatable doll was born in Germany, which was invented to prevent German soldiers from having promiscuous relations with non Aryan prostitutes (after all, they think the Germanic people are very noble). But in your impression, is the inflatable doll an island thing? Indeed, although Germany invented inflatable dolls, they were not made in large quantities due to financial constraints caused by the war. After the war, they were vigorously developed by the island people and even sold to the whole world.

Unexpectedly, the inflatable doll was invented by the noble German during the war. The Fenda drink was the product of Coca Cola’s withdrawal. The prototype of the microwave oven was radar and sunglasses, which originated from the U.S. air force. Even the raw materials of elegant silk stockings were originally used by those rude soldiers. It felt a little funny. Do you know any interesting ones What about invention? Welcome to comment below.

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