The ion accelerator is expected to achieve one percent of the speed of light, and once successful, it can travel freely through the solar system

Thousands of years ago, people went out basically by walking, and the fastest means of transportation is not a carriage. With the rapid development of human civilization, the speed of transportation is constantly improving, especially after entering the road of scientific and technological development, the development speed of transportation is amazing, and advanced transportation tools are constantly replacing.

Now, relying on fast transportation, human beings can travel all over the earth. The huge earth in the past has now become a global village, and distance is no longer a problem. As long as you want, you can reach the north end from the south end of the earth in a very short time. The development of human civilization for thousands of years can also be regarded as a history of speed development.

With the continuous improvement of speed, the earth has been unable to shackle human beings. With the help of rockets, human beings can finally walk out of the earth to see what the universe is like. When human beings walk out of the earth and turn around, the vast universe appears in front of us, and the tiny earth also appears in front of us. When human beings live on the earth, they can’t see the whole picture of the earth. What we can feel is the boundlessness of the earth.

But when we walk out of the earth, we realize that the earth is so small. After walking out of the earth and seeing the vast universe, human beings naturally have the dream of exploring the universe. We hope that one day, we can travel all over the universe, turn the vast universe into a universe village and become the back garden of human beings. However, with the proposal of Einstein’s theory of relativity, the grand dream of mankind has been temporarily shattered. What’s the matter?

Originally, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of a mass object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, and can not reach, let alone surpass. The theory of speed limit of light has temporarily disillusioned mankind’s dream of exploring the universe. We should know that in the face of the vast universe, the speed of light is only the speed of tortoise. Even if we explore the Milky way with a diameter of only 100000 light-years, we need to exceed the speed of light.

After the speed of light limitation theory was put forward, scientists also understand that it is very difficult to break this theory. At present, what human beings can do is to make the speed of spacecraft step by step towards the speed of light. As long as the sub speed of light can be realized, it will be an epoch-making step for human beings to explore the solar system.

As the saying goes, the road has to be taken step by step. For human civilization that has just stepped out of the earth, exploring the mysteries of the solar system is the key point. Although the solar system is only one of the hundreds of billions of galaxies with the Milky Way coefficient, it is a tiny Galaxy like dust, but for human beings, it is still a galaxy without comparison. If you include the Oort nebula, the diameter of the solar system is about 2 light-years.

At present, the fastest aircraft of mankind should be voyager-1, which reaches 17 kilometers per second. However, compared with the speed of light, this speed is simply tortoise speed. It takes tens of thousands of years to fly out of the solar system at this speed. It can be seen that human beings need a major breakthrough in speed to explore the entire solar system.

According to Einstein’s equation, the faster the object, the greater the mass. If you want to make the aircraft faster, you need to reduce the mass of the aircraft. However, if you reduce the mass of the aircraft, it means that you can carry less fuel and cannot provide enough power.

It can be seen that it is very difficult to improve the speed and quality of traditional aircraft powered by fossil fuels. What should we do? Through hard research, scientists have developed a new concept aircraft, which no longer uses a single chemical fuel as propulsion equipment, but uses a material called “ion accelerator”.

The principle of the ion accelerator is that it can use the dual effects of Lorentz magnetic force and electric field force as power to achieve the effect of semi permanent motion. In this way, there is no need to worry about the problem of energy depletion, and the mass of the aircraft can be greatly reduced. Before human beings solve the problem of speed and mass, it is very important to greatly reduce the mass of the aircraft in order to improve the speed of the aircraft.

The lighter the vehicle is, the faster it can get in the universe under the same power mode. Ion accelerator powered aircraft can achieve this goal, its efficiency is very high, according to the experimental data, the fastest speed of the aircraft can reach about 1% of the speed of light, although there is still a huge gap compared with the speed of light, but relying on this speed, free exploration of the entire solar system has no problem.

One percent of the speed of light can also allow aircraft to fly out of the solar system and explore the space and galaxies near the solar system, which will be of great significance to human beings. Of course, one percent of the speed of light is still impossible to explore a wider universe. It is still too far for human beings to fly at the speed of light or beyond the speed of light. That speed has exceeded our understanding of speed. Before the theory of relativity is broken, the unbreakable speed of light is still the same scientific truth.

For a long time in the future, what scientists will be able to do is to continuously study, continuously explore the improvement of speed, and continuously approach the speed of light. If the speed of the spaceship can achieve more than 90% of the speed of light, human beings will enter a new stage, the strength of civilization will achieve a qualitative leap, and interstellar migration may also be initially realized.

However, if you want to make the speed of the spacecraft greatly improved, energy is the most important. Only stronger energy can produce enough powerful energy to quickly lose the progress of the spacecraft. According to the current human understanding of energy, the traditional fossil energy is obviously unable to achieve, and the worst also needs controllable nuclear fusion energy.

The higher level is antimatter energy. Although scientists have been able to extract a very small amount of antimatter in the laboratory, it is far from the real large-scale extraction application. Antimatter is undoubtedly the most powerful energy that human beings can achieve at present. Once the antimatter vehicle is realized, the speed of the spaceship may be infinitely close to the speed of light.

If we want to achieve the speed of light or even superluminal flight, it is not only the problem of energy, but also the need for us to have a comprehensive understanding of space. Scientists guess that the speed of light or superluminal flight does not rely solely on powerful energy, but through the compression and expansion of space, which is beyond our current scientific cognition.

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