The iPhone 8 is popular with game anchors, and it has been on the market for two years. How does it compare with domestic ones?

With the progress of the Internet and the popularity of mobile phones, related industries also began to flourish, among which the most highly praised is the rise of mobile games. I believe that many young people will have a variety of game software in their mobile phones. When they are bored, they will open the game to have a tense and exciting duel and enrich their lives.

It’s no taboo to say that Xiaobian is a game enthusiast. In addition to playing games, Xiaobian also likes to watch live games in his spare time. While watching the live broadcast, Xiaobian found a very surprising thing. Most of the mobile phones used by game anchors are iPhone 8 released two years ago. Don’t they feel stuck? Is the mobile phone still flowing?

Compared with today’s assimilated Android mobile phone configuration, apple is an exception. In addition to the famous apple a chip, its IOS system has also been unanimously praised by users. Compared with Android system, it has the characteristics of independence and closeness, so it avoids the reminder of third-party application software, reduces the software advertising push, and improves the security of using the machine. And has a more simple operation process, fluency almost no match. Even if the optimization of Android system is excellent in recent years, it is almost a dream to surpass IOS.

Mobile phone make complaints about mobile phone less attractive, but it still has a lot of fruit powder. It has a large share of the mobile phone market and has a solid foundation. After the big diving of the old model, many users can’t resist the temptation and choose to start one after another, which can also show the popularity of Apple mobile phone. The same is true of iPhone 8. Now its price has been adjusted, falling into the ranks of domestic mobile phone prices, so many consumers are also entangled in iPhone 8 and domestic phones at the same price.

Compared with the domestic machine, it has advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantage is that its IOS system and apple a11 + M11 assist processor work together to make the mobile phone have a high fluency. It will not be a problem for another three years. Although the pixels of the mobile phone seem to be relatively low-level, due to the unique algorithm of Apple mobile phone, the imaging effect is not inferior to that of today’s high-end domestic phones. There is no need to worry about the problem of unclear photos, which can absolutely meet the requirements of users for mobile phone photos.

The disadvantage is its screen size, which is now its most controversial aspect. Nowadays, the screen size of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger, reaching the mainstream of 6 inches. However, its screen size is only 4.7 inches. Many users doubt the picture effect it shows. However, due to Apple’s optimization, the picture display effect of mobile phones is still the same as that of domestic new phones, but the visual experience it brings is not as good as that of domestic flagship computers with large screen . Of course, there are many users who love small screen mobile phones. They think small screen mobile phones are more convenient to carry, but they are more convenient to operate and feel more comfortable. At present, the price of iPhone 8 has dropped to the freezing point. Will you choose to start?

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